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Aplicaciones anidadas

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Aplicaciones anidadas

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Aplicaciones anidadas

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The Quality and Innovation Service organises training activities aimed at the entire university community (academic staff, student body and staff administration and services). 

Sesiones formación Diciembre-Marzo

Sessions of training: December 2023 / April 2024

Date: February 13, 2024 .

scheduleFrom 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. classroom 30. Central Building

Speaker: Eva Amézcua (Oniria Consulting)

Seating capacity: 20.

Sold out - Join the waiting list


1. Self-awareness of strengths and areas for improvement:
- Self-awareness and self-motivation
- Self-control
- Self-confidence

2. Motivational styles and motivational techniques:
- How to increase confidence and commitment.
- How to motivate learners.
- Thinking about how we are and how we could be from tomorrow.
- Analyzing the factors that make us feel good in our work space.


Speakers: Anjali Chaudhry (Dominican University) & Isabel Rodríguez-Tejedo (U de Navarra)

Date: Date: April 15, 2024 (Monday).

Time: 12:30 to 13:30h. 

classroom M05. Amigos Building. 

Available places: 30.



This session is designed to showcase the transformative potential of COIL, a pedagogical approach that transcends geographical boundaries and connects students globally. We will share practical strategies that can help participants to create enriching cross-cultural learning experiences in their courses to foster intercultural competence, promote global citizenship, and prepare students for the interconnected challenges of today's professional world.


  • What is "Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL)". What does it take and how it differs from traditional classroom models. 

  • A real-world application: we will share a case study of educators who have successfully implemented COIL in their classrooms. Learn about the impact on student engagement, cultural awareness, and academic outcomes.

  • Practical Implementation: 

    • Finding partners: reach out to partners, use existing COIL networks (for example, COIL connect)

    • Practical strategies for integrating COIL in your course. Explore tools, technologies, and methodologies that facilitate cross-cultural collaboration and communication.

  • Challenges: Become aware of some common challenges associated with implementing COIL and discover effective solutions. 

Presenting some tools:

  1. Teaching cross-cultural best practices: Harvard Business Publishing (ManageMentor: Global Collaboration, articles & cases in cross-cultural communication)
  2. Scheduling:
  3. Creating a virtual classroom outside of the schools' learning platforms: Google classroom
  4. Creating shared content: Canva, Vimeo (for shared videos)
  5. Facilitating student legacy: OER (open books), virtual showrooms (accessing the metaverse using spatial)

Professors teaching the course/workshop
Alejandro N. Garcia
Francesc Pujol

3 hours


Thursday, February 22nd. from 11 am to 2 pm. PLACES ARE SOLD OUT

Thursday, February 29th. 11am to 2pm. SPACES SOLD OUT - Join the waiting list  


Who it is aimed at
Teachers who want to start using and incorporating the new generative artificial intelligence tools, such as ChatGPT, in their classes
generative artificial intelligence tools, such as ChatGPT, and need guidance and practical
guidance and practical examples of how to get started.

This training course is divided into two parts:
a) a presentation of some key guidelines about the use of ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence tools in
other artificial intelligence tools in the Education and learning processes (1.5 hours).
learning processes (1.5 hours);
b) and a practical workshop that will explore various usage strategies and offer practical and applied examples for
practical and applied examples for the teaching university (1.5 hours).

issue of participants

Resources required
Participating teachers should have a computer with internet access, and
subscribe to the free ChatGPT modality at


11 December (Monday) 12:30 to 13:45h. Online.

22 January (Monday) - 9:30 to 11h. Online.

20 February (Tuesday) - 12:30 to 14h. Online.


December 12 (Tuesday) - 13 a 14h. Online.

February 8 (Thursday) - 13 to 14h. In person.


December 14 (Thursday)- 13 a 14h. Online.

January 19 (Friday) - 13 a 14h. In person.

February 12 (Monday)- 9:30 a 10:30h. Online.


December 18 (Monday) - 9 to 10h. Online.

January 12 (Friday) - 9:30 to 10:30h. Online.

February 14 (Wednesday) - 13 a 14h. In person.


December 19 (Tuesday) - 13 a 14h. In person.

February 16 (Friday) - 9:30 a 10:30h. In person.


January 15 (Monday) - 13 a 14h. In person.

February 1 (Thursday) - 13 to 14h. In person.


 January 26 (Friday) - 13 to 14h. In person.

February 27 (Tuesday)- 9:30 a 10:30h. In person.


29 January (Monday) - 13 a 14h. Online.

19 February (Monday) - 13 a 14h. Online.


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training Sessions : December 2023 / March 2024


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Aplicaciones anidadas



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