Basque pelota: the heritage that brings us together

The Chair of language and Basque Culture of the School of Philosophy and Letters of the University of Navarra has organised the conference "Basque Pelota: the heritage that unites us", with the goal of recognising this sport as an essential element of Basque culture, as well as a paradigm of social, educational and heritage values. The activity, which is free of charge, has the support of the Government of Navarre sponsorship .


Pamplona | Iruña
Friday, 10th June


presentation from conference: Mari Mar Larraza (Chair of language and Basque Culture)


Santiago Lesmes (Writer and researcher): "The incredible history of Basque pelota: from the 13th to the 21st century".


Daniel Carballo (University of the Basque Country): "The implantation of the ball game in historic centres. Degrees of implantation in architecture".


Guillermo Luna (Audiovisual producer): "Who were the raquetistas? report in feminine of life in the fronton courts".


Irurita | Baztan
Sunday, 12th June
place Irurita and "Dámaso Zabalza" Civic Centre


Tiburcio Arraztoa (Laxoa Elkartea): "Laxoa: the oldest pelota game".


IX workshop of the Baztan-Erreka Championship between the teams Irurita Miguelene and Doneztebe Apeztegia, at place in Irurita.


exhibition of information panels and Basque Pelota tools at the "Dámaso Zabalza" Civic Centre.


roundtable "Basque Pelota in Navarre today". Iñaki Escudero (Ardoi Club of Zizur) and Andrea Lusarreta (Commission "Pelota and women" of the Navarre Federation of Basque Pelota).

→ A free bus will leave on Sunday at 15.00h. from the Pamplona Tennis Club.

→ Limited places: reserve by writing to the following address before 8 June:

→ Dohainik jarriko den autobusa Iruñeako Tenis Klubetik igandeteko 15.00tan irtengo da.

→ Leku mugatua: erreserba egin helbide honetara idatziz ekainaren 8a baino lehen: