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In line with the strategy of offering our students quality, comprehensive training adapted to the needs of the labour market, the School of Sciences will offer students beginning their studies at Degree (Biology, Biochemistry and Chemistry) the possibility of taking the Science and Business Program.

We present a specialisation Diploma in the field of scientific-technological business , whose goal main objective is for science graduates to acquire and develop knowledge and skills in the field of management of scientific and/or technological companies subject . 

This programme includes taking several subjects in English, those belonging to the International Science Program (specifically: the entire first year, the optional subjects and the TFG). 


How does a student enrol in the Science and Business Program (SBP)?
Issues to consider:

  • It is applied for at the same time as admission to Degree (Biology, Biochemistry and Chemistry).

  • 35 places in total for the three Degrees.
    - More information on the process is available at Admissions Office.

  • At test for admission, student you will be asked to take a test English level test. To be admitted to the SBP the level obtained must be at least B2 or equivalent. An official certificate can also be submitted.

The student can leave the BSS at any time, either before the enrollment or during the career years.


  • The student must be enrolled in the Diploma from the 1st year of the degree course. A special group (SBP) will be created for students who take it.

  • For them, at apply for the admission the future student will find the following options:
    - Degree in Biology + Science and Business Program or Degree in Biology.

    - Degree in Biochemistry (biomedical orientation) + Science and Business Program or Degree in Biochemistry (biomedical orientation)

    - Degree in Chemistry + Science and Business Program or Degree in Chemistry.

  • Successful completion of this programme will be recorded on the transcript of student and on the European Diploma Supplement of the corresponding Degree .

  • The compulsory subjects of the Science and Business Program are NOT recognized as OP credits in the transcript of the Degree in Biochemistry , Biology or Chemistry. When doing the split, once the degree program is finished, only the subject Internship at business (6 ECTS credit) and the OPs of each degree scroll that the student has taken are recognized. 

Help in finding a first job

During the course of the programme, national and international biotech, pharmaceutical, food and distribution companies will be invited and visited.

At the end of this pathway the student will have acquired a technical knowledge and a global vision of business management, which is very necessary when it comes to finding work in this field. To this end, Career Services will offer job opportunities in the best companies in the sector through its portal career services. It will publicise the Talent Graduate Programmes developed by multinationals, so that students can join these processes.



No compartmentalised subjects. During the stay in Madrid, a simulation project of business will be developed, putting into practice the knowledge acquired in this subject during the whole Degree.

The classes and the stay will be taught and tutored by professionals from the field of business.

The "case method" and "micro-projects" will be used.

3 modules:

A. Technology module: 12 ECTS credit.
1. Programming / Big Data.
2. Quality and scaling in industrial production.

B. Enlargement of competences of business: 6 ECTS credit.
1. framework Legal (intellectual property, patents).
2. Innovation (and technology transfer).
3. Management skills and competences (project management).
4. Internationalisation (global business management).

C. project integrated: 12 ECTS credit.
Presentation of business idea in groups before an "investor jury". Students will have to put their knowledge into practice in order to obtain financing for their business idea. The work will be coordinated by a teacher for each group.

  • 1st course: London.

  • 2nd course: Training week at IESE. Barcelona.

  • 3rd year: Compulsory internship at business.

  • 4th grade: Boston.

At the end of 1st, 2nd and 4th year, students will go on a professional trip of approximately one week's duration to visit prestigious universities, research centres and biotechnology companies, mainly. Likewise, the School of Sciences will have a native teacher from these places to collaborate in the training of the stay in question.

The financial costs of the stay and trips scheduled on diploma are included in the amount of the credit.

Internship at business
Students will obtain 6 ECTS credit by doing a compulsory internship at business in the summer of 3rd to 4th grade.