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This Degree is for:

Students with:

  • Interest and curiosity in the problems of mankind's past and in acquiring and transmitting knowledge useful to present-day society.

  • Critical and reflective attitude to past and current events

  • Willingness and enjoyment of reading and improving oral and written expression.

  • discipline to make the best use of time and ability to organise tasks

  • Openness to discussion and exchange of ideas, availability to put knowledge and concerns at the service of colleagues and peers.

  • A firm and permanent willingness to seek veracity as a fundamental part of the historian's work.

In general

  • Students who have passed the test university entrance exam, regardless of the high school program previously taken.

  • People who have passed the access for over-25s and, in general, those who meet the legally established conditions.

  • People who have passed the admission tests held by the University of Navarra and organised by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences for its different Degrees.

Admission criteria

The admissions process is simple: candidates have to take an exam which will be face-to-face if they live in Spain or in another European country, or online if they live outside Europe. This test accounts for 40% of our admission criteria; the remaining 60% are the grades of high school program (or equivalent).

The test admission programme consists of the following:

test of general knowledge

Personal interview

Various aptitude tests (logical, spatial and verbal reasoning).

Personal interview with a teacher from department of History, Art and Geography. Its content is related to the areas of interest of candidate, and, if admitted, to the choice of your future academic advisor .

Our Degrees are officially recognised and, therefore, the prospective students must be admitted to the Spanish university system through the university entrance exam or the corresponding accreditation.

National and EU students take the tests in person at campus. International students take the tests online. In the case of international students, it will be necessary to take a Spanish language test at test . When a personal interview is not possible, the student can provide letters of introduction. These letters will be written by student teachers or professionals related to the professional or academic field of Degree. However, if the occasion arises, the School may conduct personal interviews with these candidates, taking advantage of the stay of professors from our university in their countries of origin.


Students whose training or language mother tongue is not Spanish, will have to accredit level B2** of DELE (Diploma de Español como language Extranjera) or equivalent at the time of registering at enrollment in the subjects taught at Spanish. This enrolment requirement will not be required for instrumental Spanish language learning subjects (for example, those offered by the University's high school of language and Spanish Culture) that international students take and whose successful completion will qualify them to acquire level B2 of the DELE.

language ** The certification of the level of Spanish for international students whose mother tongue is not this language or who have not received their pre-university education in it, may be through the DELE B2 (Instituto Cervantes), or the Subject Test in Spanish with Listening of the SAT [score 540-670). Students who so wish may also obtain certification of this level through the tests organised for this purpose by the University's Institute of language and Spanish Culture (ILCE).






Apply for admission to the Portal miUNAV.


Take the admission tests.


Once the test is finished, we will make a weighted average of your grade of 1st year of high school diploma (60%) and our test of Admissions Office (40%). The committee of Admissions Office of the School will solve your application.


We will inform you in the portal miUNAV of the status of your application for admission.


Once you have been admitted you can proceed to pay your enrollment. Find out about the UNAV payment methods.


Nested applications

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