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Degree in Law can be accessed from all branches of high school diploma, although it is recommended to have taken subjects such as History, language and Literature, Economics, Philosophy or English.

This Degree is for you if...

The student interested in studying Degree in Law must be restless and have a marked vocation for service. In a changing society, common sense and a critical spirit become relevant in the figure of the leader, anxious to find answers to everything that happens.

An interest in political and economic current affairs is essential for the successful development of a profession, that of the jurist, which finds its protagonists in ambitious, committed and tolerant students.

skill The ability to persuade, to work, strategic vision in the search for solutions, a taste for discussion, negotiating skills, mental agility and the desire to develop a career in the international context are other traits that identify the future student of Law.

Admission criteria

The Admissions Office in the Degree in Law with any of the international diplomas (Angloamerican Law Program, International Business Law Program or Global Law Program) is conditioned to pass an exam subject test of English that is carried out during the face-to-face tests of Admissions Office that are held in the campus of Pamplona. The Cambridge Linguaskill is established as test valid for the certification of the required level of English.

International students taking the online entrance exam will have to accredit their level of English in a specific way. To do so, they can attach any degree scroll that accredits their level of English at Portal miUNAV. If they do not have it, they should contact Jose Mario Sánchez Gómez(josemsanchez@unav.es) by e-mail to determine individually how to proceed.

Similarly, students whose education or language mother tongue was not Spanish must accredit level B2 of the DELE (Diplomas de Español como language Extranjera) of the Instituto Cervantes in order to study the Degree in Law.

The entrance exam for the Degree in Law consists of:

test of general knowledge

test of English

Critical commentary

Personal interview

General knowledge test* (50% of the total)
(50% of the grade)
Test on general knowledge of Law (basic concepts), History, Philosophy, Geography, Economics, language and Literature, current affairs, reading skills and comprehension.

test of English

Critical Commentary
(30% of the grade)
The student is asked to develop a piece of writing from the headline of a news item, photograph or current issue. This can be done in Spanish or English

Interview staff
(20% of the grade)

The order of Admissions Office is that of the scale elaborated from the global grade of each student.






Apply for admission to the Portal miUNAV.


Take the admission tests.


Once the test is finished, we will make a weighted average of your grade of 1st year of high school diploma (60%) and our test of Admissions Office (40%). The committee of Admissions Office of the School will solve your application.


We will inform you in the portal miUNAV of the status of your application for admission.


Once you have been admitted you can proceed to pay your enrollment. Find out about the UNAV payment methods.


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