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It is a University of Navarra degree that aims to provide the student interns with the conceptual and methodological tools to be able to develop teaching and research excellence in the future, and to exercise leadership roles in academic and professional fields.

It consists of 18 ECTS credittaken throughout the courses of Degreein Nursing, and is aimed at students with gradeaverage of transcriptof 7.5 or higher.


Through this Diploma:

► You will awaken your vocation professor and scientific vocation

You will develop teaching, research and leadership skills through the different theoretical and practical activities that make up the Diploma.

You will incorporate teaching skills and tools into your daily work as a student and future nursing professional.

You will learn about the research process as a whole and stimulate their scientific thinking.

You will learn to identify problems arising from clinical practice that can be investigated by nursing.

► Identify core leadership competencies and different leadership styles.

You will engage in reflective nursing practice based on scientific evidence.

You will develop the capacity for reflection, judgement and argumentation.

► You will prepare yourself, if necessary, for future postgraduate studies.


The Diploma is composed of a theoretical approach , which facilitates the acquisition of theoretical and conceptual knowledge of research, as well as a practical dimension, which incorporates direct interaction with research professors at School

Training in teaching skills, research tools and professional leadership issues will be complemented.

The programme seeks to encourage research professors to work collaboratively with students at Degree. Therefore, as a guideline and in parallel to the theoretical training received by the students of diploma, these are some of the collaborative activities:

► Collaboration in the development and evaluation of the subjects found at position of the teacher assigned to the student.

► financial aid at design and implementation of innovation projects professor in which the teacher will participate.

► Collaboration in the preparation and submission of research proposals.

► Participation in research activities.

► Participation as research assistant and research assistant within projects of group.

► attendance of students to the meetings of the research area to which they are attached.

Participation in activities organised by the School, such as the conference Career Guidance (JOP), the Summer Course, volunteer activities or training courses given at the Nursing Simulation Centre (CSE).

Candidate selection

It will be held annually in May (for each academic year) and a maximum of 15 students per year will be selected. In principle, 5 students will be assigned to each department and 5 students to the Practical Teaching Unit. In the event that the allocated quota is not filled, places may be awarded to the department where the highest number of candidates have applied.


1. The following form must be completed by student . form.
2. The department will study the applications received and will conduct a personal interview with each candidate.
3. For the allocation of places, academic qualifications, special knowledge - languages, computer skills, etc. -, the design of the personal curriculum, professional skills and other merits presented by the applicant will be taken into account.
4. Applications shall be approved by the management committee of the School at proposal of the Directorate of the Departments concerned.
5. The selected students will be informed before 15 June so that they can accept the place and enrol in the corresponding subject .





Scientific English / Scientific English




instructions de la metodología científica en Ciencias de la Salud / Foundation of Scientific Methodology in Health Sciences




Introduction to collaboration professor and research I (elective subject from discipline)




Introduction to Teaching and Research Collaboration II (elective subject from discipline)


Trabajo Fin de Degree / Final Degree Project