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We are looking for students who want to be leaders in their profession. Who are not satisfied. Who understand that being a nurse carries a great responsibility because in their hands is the care of people. You can come from the bio-health area or from Humanities. If you come from Humanities you will have to work hard in the summer before the first year in some subjects to keep up with the level. Others have done it without a problem.

This Degree is for you if you are looking for a profession that adds value and provides a service to society. If you like caring, helping people and showing solidarity. Health is much more than not having an illness. If you have a desire for self-improvement and initiative.




All students who wish to study at School of Nursing at the University of Navarra must fill in an Application for Admission through Portal miUNAV. Depending on their interest, they may apply to only one of the degrees we offer:

  • Degree in Nursing

  • Degree in Nursing + International Nursing Program

  • Degree in Nursing + Diploma in palliative care

  • Degree in Nursing + Diploma in psychology of care.

Admission_How is our admission process?



  1. From 1 October candidates* must complete their applicationof Admissions Officethrough Portal miUNAV and provide the required documentation at that time.

  2. Online interview with managerof the School.

  3. entrance examination.

  4. Resolution.

  5. Pago reservation.

  6. enrollmentand submissiondocumentation in due time and form.

* enquiry with details of the important dates of your admission process according to subject access:


subject for access

apply for Candidates who meet the following criteria can apply for admission to the University of Navarra's Nursing School requirements :

  1. Students in the 2nd year of high school program or equivalent.

  2. high school diploma international (IB) *.

  3. International students *.

* See characteristics depending on the subject access below.

Admission criteria

  • gradefrom 1st of high school diploma (30% )

  • testof Admissions Office(70%) consists of the following parts: 

  • Examination subject test on biology, language and literature, Chemistry and history of 2nd grade (60%). high school diploma (60%).

  • English level test (minimum requirement B2 for INP).

  • Interview staff (40%).

Important Dates

deadlineat applicationfrom Admissions Office:

  • Between October 1, 2022, and April 24, 2023.

deadlinefor interview:

  • We recommend that you visit applicationas soon as possible in order to be interviewed at Admissions Office.
  • ≥ 7 in 1st Bach: Before 20 December.

  • ≥ 6 in 1st Bach: Before 25 April.

  • ≤ 6 in 1st Bach, from 5 May (you will only be interviewed if you pass the entrance examination).

entrance examination:

  • April 29, 2023 at 09.30 a.m. - Classroom Format


  • May 17, 2023 at 2:00 p.m.

First payment of enrollment

  • Up to 15 days after obtaining the resolution.


high school diploma international:

  • Candidates should fill inthe applicationthrough Portal miUNAV on the established dates by registering as "candidateIB" .

  • In order to apply for IB it will be mandatory to present, as a minimum, a predictive score of at least 30 points out of 37. In addition another requirements will be to take either in NS the subject of Biology or Chemistry and obtain a grade +5 in each of them. 

  • The Schoolof Nursing will not consider any gradethat is not on the official bulletinof qualifications.

  • Pass an interview staffwith the managerof Admissions Officeof the Schoolto know the suitability of the candidateto the profilerecommended admission.


International students:

  • Academic test of knowledge of 2nd year of high school diplomaof Biology, Chemistryand Mathematics.

  • Test of Spanish level.

  • Personal interview with a professor from the School.


Types of Resolutions:
Students applying for admission to #EnfUNAV will be able to find out their resolution through Portal miUNAV.

  • Admitted. Admitted students will be able to formalise their enrollmentthrough Portal miUNAV at deadlineand fill inthe following procedures:
    • 3,000 euros by bank transfer or payment with card as the first payment of enrollment (this amount will be deducted from the final amount of enrollment and will only be returned in the case of not passing the university entrance exams, EvAU/EBAU). The first deadline ends on June 17.

    • Those admitted on May 17 must complete the formalization of the complete enrollment before June 17.
      • Waiting list. The candidate will have to wait for the evolution of the registrations to receive the resolution final.
        Below are the dates core topic on which the waiting list will move:
        - 22 June
        - 13th July
        - 4th August

      • Denied. The candidatehas not been admitted to the requested degree program.


  • Absent. The studentdoes not take the exam at Admissions Office, so the applicationis automatically rejected.

1. Nursing students from other university centers who have all the subjects passed by academic year in the Degree in Nursing up to the date of the application of Admissions Office and average higher than 7.

2. Candidates accessing from other programs of study universities:

- Those who have completed a Degree university degree in the branch of health sciences (in case of having studied outside Spain, it must be homologated) with transcript higher than 7.*.

- Candidates who are studying at a university Degree should apply for the Admissions Office via Access to 1st year.

Once the application has been submitted, School will study each application on a personalised basis and will or will not grant admission depending on availability of places in the course to which it corresponds, the concordance of the study plans and the academic transcript obtained at home university.

* For the 23-24 course there are no places availability .

SI Pardot - Degree in Nursing [3qkx9p].

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