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What will you learn?

At Degree in Nursing, as a science, we train our students with a solid scientific and technical base. It is also a profession of service to others, which is why we provide all our students with a human, cultural and ethical training that enables them to work with a vocation for service. In other words, it is not only a teaching model based on scientific and technical training, but also a model with an ethicalapproach focused on human relations.

From the first year, students carry out their practical training at our Nursing Simulation Centre where they put into practice the knowledge they acquire, not only in the first year, but also throughout the four years of their degree in a safe environment. Clínica Universidad de Navarra and in other public and private healthcare centres in the Navarra healthcare network.

Students carry out more than 2,500 hours of clinical practice during the Degree. Each student has a nursing professional for the supervised clinical practice development .

Students have the possibility of a semester exchange during the 3rd and 4th year with universities in Europe and America.

In addition, during the Degree they can take the pathway International Nursing Program (INP) which prepares nursing professionals with an international profile . This University of Navarra-specific qualification allows students to complete 25% of Degree in English (60 ECTS credit). It also includes an international training experience in June or July in a hospital abroad.



You will be able to work in...

The School of Nursing of the University of Navarra prepares professionals with a solid scientific, human, cultural and ethical training, which enables them to work as generalist nurses, with a vocation of service to the person and to society, in favour of life, respecting the freedom and dignity of the healthy or sick person and their environment.

From the first year of Degree we promote the employability of our students, helping them to acquire and develop the most appropriate competences through a employability map which guides them to the employment opportunities of their choice.


employment opportunities

Starting work Public
job listings
- Medical
- Surgical
- Special
- Geriatrics
- Mental Health
- Women and children
- Community and social
Private - Nursing homes
- Business
- Health spaces
- Leisure centres
- Day care centres clinics
- Dissemination marketing
- Sports
- Laboratories
- Mutual insurance companies
Foreign - Free
- business
- Agency
Further training specialization program
- Mental health nursing
- Occupational nursing
- Family and community nursing
- Geriatric nursing
- Obstetric and gynaecological nursing - midwife
- Paediatric nursing
specialization program
- Cardiology nursing
- Intensive care nursing
- Surgical nursing - operating theatre and anaesthesia
- Medical-surgical nursing
- Oncohematology nursing
- Psychiatric nursing
Oppositions - Public Employment Offer (OPE)
- Penitentiary Institutions CMS
- Teacher FP Sanitary
postgraduate program - Master's degree
- Doctorate (Qualifies for university teaching)
- Continuing education


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