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Objectives and competences

The generic objectives of this doctorate are to develop the research in architecture through a series of lines already experimented and to encourage the appearance of new ones by means of the internship of transversality and the multidisciplinarity. Through the training provided by the programme and its effort staff, guided and directed by academic staff experienced, students will acquire the different competences that correspond to doctorate and will achieve mastery of a series of capacities and skills that will enable them to practice research independently.

Core competences

  • Systematic understanding of a field of study and mastery of research skills and methods related to that field.

  • Ability to conceive, design or create, implement and adopt a substantial research or creative process.

  • Ability to contribute to the expansion of the frontiers of knowledge through original research.

  • Ability to critically analyse, evaluate and synthesise new and complex ideas.

  • Ability to communicate with the academic and scientific community and with society in general about their fields of knowledge in the modes and languages commonly used in their international scientific community.

  • Ability to promote, in academic and professional contexts, scientific, technological, social, artistic or cultural progress within a society based on knowledge.

Personal skills and abilities

  • Dealing with contexts in which there is little specific information.

  • Find the key questions that need to be answered to solve a complex problem.

  • Design, create, develop and undertake novel and innovative projects in their field of knowledge.

  • Work both in a team and autonomously in an international context or multidisciplinary.

  • Integrate knowledge, deal with complexity and make judgements with limited information.

  • Intellectual critique and defence of solutions.

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