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Objectives and competences

Objectives and competences - PhD in Natural and Applied Sciences

The main aim of the doctoral program in Natural and Applied Sciences is goal totrain PhDs through a high quality specialised research and with results of the research relevant to society, but fostering the multidisciplinarity from the first enrollment of student at doctoral program, in a generalist environment. Specifically, the creation of synergies is promoted between the specialised research A of the student and its environment, increasing interdisciplinary collaborations within the programme and also with experts from leading institutions. Graduates from doctoral program will meet the need for professionals capable of scientifically analysing complex data in multidisciplinary situations, fulfilling one of the University's strategic objectives in research and development+i.

The aim is to train the whole person and for graduates to have a broad outlook. This doctoral program should be in a holistic, holistically inspired and at the same time applied, comprehensive environment of the experimental (natural) sciences.

The three research teams share formal language, methods and rigour. Consequently, the doctoral program has an added methodological attraction, since the skills acquired are transferable and usable in many other emerging fields that need the rigour of the sciences.


agreement The doctoral program in Natural and Applied Sciences, in accordance with the provisions of art. 5 of RD 99/2011, guarantees the acquisition by PhD student of the basic competences, capacities and/or personal skills required for doctoral studies:

List of competences (.pdf)

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