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Training activities

Training activities - Doctorate in Natural and Applied Sciences

The training activities planned for doctoral program in Natural and Applied Sciences are as follows:

- Indexed publication
- seminar
- research stay
- attendance and discussion paper a congress
- Other courses of training
- Transversal training activities of the School of doctorate
- Plan of training of PIF of the School of Sciences
- The research at the University: multidisciplinarity, ethics and society

You can consult the training activities in the modified verification report , as well as in the practical guide of these activities for PhD students and thesis supervisors.

The mobility of students in the doctoral program occurs mainly in the training activities "research stay and "attendance and discussion paper to congress". Occasionally, the activities "seminar" and " Other courses of training" can also produce performances of mobility . The doctoral program promotes activities involving mobility as this is very important in the training doctoral program of the students.

The School of doctorate has a specific section in its web page about the concurrence in the different calls for funding, among them those of mobility and exchange of students. Likewise, from the Technical administrative office of research of the University, all the directors of thesis of doctoral program are informed by e-mail about the different calls for pre-doctoral grants (national, regional, own or from other public or private organizations), mobility, etc., as well as any other competitive funding subject to which doctoral students, the directors of thesis , and possible collaborators in the training activities may have access.

Specifically, the association of Friends of the University of Navarra itself has a scholarship fund for the realization of stays at research.

The percentage of students who obtain grants from resources outside the University, especially those related to travel grants for stays or attendance to congresses, with respect to those who apply for them, is between 30% and 45%.

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