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rules and regulations and organisation

rules and regulations and organisation - doctorate in Natural and Applied Sciences

The Official Programme of doctorate in Natural and Applied Sciences is part of the School of doctorate that the University of Navarra has implemented, in the framework established by the RD 99/2011, as a planning, coordination and monitoring body of the Programmes of doctorate, and the manager of its development and organisation is the School of Sciences.

The School of doctorate offers on its website the rules and regulations regulating the programs of study of doctorate (supervision of thesis , follow-up and permanence of PhD student, rules and regulations general reading of thesis , etc.).

Information on scholarships and grants and the staff researcher scheme can be found at training administrative office Technical research.

Information internship and specific information for students of doctoral program in Natural and Applied Sciences (e.g. practical guides, formats of the report of thesis , etc.) are available online internally.


→ procedure for the deposit of the thesis 

The copy of the thesis with the signatures of PhD student, Director(s) of thesis and Director of department shall be sent to the School of doctorate together with the application form from Admissions Office to thesis defense.

- It is recommended that you contact administrative office at School or coordinator of the programme to ensure that all necessary requirements deposit requirements are met and to avoid unnecessary delays and inconvenience.

- It is recommended that a copy of the email addressed to the School of doctorate for the deposit be sent to the administrative office of the School ( and to the coordinator of the doctoral program (

rules and regulations own programme (PDF)


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Wenceslao González-Viñas

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