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Nested applications

Nested applications


Calls for pre-doctoral aids

End date: 05/05/2023

The complete application , scanned, should be sent to the following email address: investigacion@unav.es indicating in the subject NAME AND SURNAME - application financial aid STRATEGY 20/25.

instructions call


Open all year round for new applications. Adapted to EPIF.

  1. General call for proposals

deadline and place of presentation NEW applications: The deadline will be established in the specific call. The application will be sent by e-mail to administrative office Technical research (investigacion@unav.es).

  1. Form offer of place

  2. New application form

Specific calls for the 2022-23 academic year

  1. Offer place - Chair Wood - Closed

  2. Offer place - Regenerative Medicine - Closed

  3. Offer place - Economic - Closed

  4. Offer place - Astra-Zeneca - Closed

  5. Offer place - ICS - Closed

  6. Offer place - Nutrition Centre - Closed

  7. Offer place - Hematology/Oncology- Closed

  8. Offer place - Haematology/Oncology- Open

  9. Offer place - NanoRC - Closed

  10. Offer place - Cell Therapy - CIMA - Open

  11. Offer place - Regenerative Medicine - Closed

  12. Offer place - Atlantes - Observatory - Closed

  13. Offer place - Gene Therapy and Hepatology - Closed

  14. Offer place - Hemato-Oncology - Closed

  15. Offer place - GN - ANDIA - Closed

  16. Offer place - Proyectos MICINN Transición Ecológica y Digital - Closed

  17. Offer place - Hemato-Oncology - Adoptive Cell Therapy - Closed

  18. Offer place - laboratory Multiple Myeloma - Closed

  19. Offer place - CERTEST - Closed

  20. Offer place - European Commission - Closed

  21. Offer place - Andia - Closed

  22. Offer place - European Commission - PAL-CYCLES - Closed

  23. Offer place - Chair Sanitas - Closed

  24. Offer place - Cancer Immnunotherapy - Open

deadline: from 11/04/2022 to 13/05/2022


Please send a scanned copy of the complete application to the following email address: investigacion@unav.es indicating in the subject "application financial aid ADA course 2022-23" and followed by the name and surname of applicant.

deadline: from 19/04/2022 to 30/04/2022

Purpose: With the aim of promotethe dissemination activity among the student bodyof doctorate, the group of work of "joint activities" of the network of knowledge dissemination and Scientific Culture (RedDivulga) of CRUE proposes the call for the "II Edition of the Contest Your thesis Doctoral in a Twitter thread: #HiloTesis" to which the University of Navarra joins. Participants must disclose their doctoral thesis in a thread of no more than 20 tweets with the limitations and possibilities offered by the social Twitter network.

instructionsof the competition


Calls for applications for grants from mobility

A programme promoted by the University of Navarra.

Purpose: aimed at doctoral students with a pre-doctoral contract. Stays abroad in order to obtain the "International Doctor" award.

deadline and place of presentation: the deadline of presentation of applications, ends on November 25, 2022. Applications should be submitted to administrative office Technical research - Central Building, or by mail to the following address: investigacion@unav.es

Call for applications [PDF in English].

A. Application form [DOC in Spanish].
B. report [DOC in Spanish] [DOC in Spanish] [DOC in Spanish
C. report of the Director of the thesis [DOC in Spanish].
D. certificate de admisión del centro receptor [DOC in Spanish].



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