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Nested applications


Information and resources for staff on pre-doctoral contracts

Communication on the collaboration professor of the Predoctoral Staff (PDF)

In accordance with RD 103/2019, the Predoctoral Trainee Staff researcher may collaborate in teaching tasks up to a maximum of 180 hours during the total extension of the predoctoral contract, and in no case may they exceed 60 hours per year.

The applicant will complete the travel notification form, collect the corresponding signatures, and deliver it to the Secretariat of its School/Centre, which will send it via the Communications Application to the Technical Secretariat for Research.

Non-EU foreign staff with Predoctoral contract


First: "The employee undertakes to take the necessary steps to update and renew the residency program student permit 60 days before its expiry date". 

Second: "From agreement with the provisions of article 49.b of the Workers' Statute, whereby the non-renewal by the worker of the administrative authorisations and permits for residency program and work that allowed and made possible his or her hiring in Spain by business will be a valid cause for termination of his or her employment contract".

Renewal commitment NIE (Foreign Resident Identification Number, Spain) (PDF)