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Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


Development Service


The Development Service works to obtain resources to finance strategic projects of the University and contributes its knowledge and experience in the management of these grants. The funds obtained enable pioneering research and the hiring of research personnel, contribute to the provision of scholarships for students and facilitate the development of the infrastructures necessary for the University's mission. This guarantees the economic autonomy of the University and the sustainability of its teaching and research activities.

Aplicaciones anidadas


The Development Service is made up of a team of professionals specialized in fundraising and fund management for these projects. The Service is also dedicated to the coordination of all fundraising actions of different centers and services of the University of Navarra.


Who are we?


Javier Ortega


Development Service

Ext. 802057

María Pilar Ibiricu

Executive Manager

Development Service

Ext. 802451


Miriam de Carlos Tejerina

Alumni Scholarships Perpetual

Development Service

Ext. 803166

Mireia Carabantes

BIOMA Center

Development Service

Ext. 802458

Joaquín Larrondo

BIOMA Center

Development Service

Ext. 803171

Ángeles Montuenga

Projects Barcelona

Development Service

+34 948 42 56 00

Jose Pablo García Pomar

Ecclesiastical Schools

Development Service

Ext. 803990

Cristina Alfaro

Annual Giving

Development Service

948 42 56 00

Communication and marketing

Clara Elorz

Marketing and Communication

Development Service

Ext. 802853

Mercedes Ramentol

Internal network marketing

Development Service

Ext. 802122

Data management and administration

Marta Lipuzcoa


Development Service

Ext. 803495

Blanca Díaz Knorr


Development Service

Ext. 802185

Verónica García

Management Assistance

Development Service

Ext. 802023