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Session 2

June 20-July 8 (3 weeks)

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The Business of Wine & Gastronomy in Northern Spain

6 ECTS credit/3 US credits

This experiential learning course explores different facets of the vast industry of wine and gastronomy in Northern Spain. Pamplona and the entire Northern Region is nationally and internationally renowned for the quality of the local ingredients, the caliber of their internationally recognized chefs, and the production of excellent wines.

In this course we delve into this world of gastronomy and wine in Northern Spain, focusing on local businesses which have evolved out of the great admiration and respect that the culture has for all things culinary. This course finishes in Bilbao.


Course combines in-class lectures and theoretical classes on site in the morning and some afternoons, and co-curricular activities in the evenings.


This course is taught in English, therefore students not coming from an English-speaking University must prove an advanced level of English. No Spanish is required.

Drawing Architecture in Spain

6 ECTS credit/3 US credits

This challenging course organized by the School of Architecture combines teaching and traveling around Spain. The students will visit the main architectural and artistic monuments of Spain analyzing their characteristics through quick sketches and notes, creating a travel notebook. This method of personal drawing makes learning and memorizing peculiar features easier; and it is these skills that will permeate the tasks of a future architectural designer. The students will visit Basque Country, Castilla y León, Madrid, Salamanca and will finish the tour in Andalucia with trips to Seville and Granada.


The dynamics of the course will be to visit the architectural monuments and to attend the theoretical class on site in the morning. In the afternoons, the practical classes will be devoted mainly to drawing.


Advanced Spanish. The course is taught by local professors and with native Spanish speakers!