Spanish Programme

Semester courses

A stay at semester is a valuable way of immersing yourself in Spanish culture and language language . In addition to Spanish and Conversation, the student can take a wide variety of other subjects, such as Business Spanish, Literature, Spanish Art...

Our semester courses are aimed at:

  • Students wishing to improve their level of Spanish in order to start Degrees at university (level B2)

  • Students from Degrees bilingual students

  • Erasmus and Exchange Students

  • Students of the International Foundation Program

  • Students in Gap Year

  • Visiting Professors

  • Interested in improving their level of Spanish for professional purposes


All students have an academic advisor , who is a professor at the University and with whom they meet regularly.

The academic calendar is divided into two semesters:

First semester: September December 

Second semester: January - May

The examination period of the first semester starts at the end of November and ends in December. The exams for the second semester take place from the end of April until May.  

At the end of the programme, student will receive an official certificate with grades from the University of Navarra.

Credit recognition: 1ECTS is equivalent to 10h of instruction. Please check with your advisor on your home university to ensure the transfer of credits ECTS credit (European credits) to your system.

- Format of class: The subjects are taught in classroom mode. The classes are expository (use of blackboard, computer, projector). Participation and answers to questions asked by the teacher are valued. Exams, projects, team work and oral presentations are given according to each subject.

- attendance: The attendance is mandatory and is often taken into account in the final grade .

- Participation: Participation can count for a maximum of 30% of the final grade

- Ratings: Grades are numerical, from agreement with the following scale: 0-4.9= Fail, 5-6.9 = C, 7-8.9 = B, 9-10 = A, 9-10 MH = enrollment of Honor.

- Academic load for students full-time: 30 ECTS credit / semester. No minimum or maximum of ECTS credit enrolled is required.

- Exams: It is usual for subjects to have mid-term exams (half of the semester). All subjects have a final examination.

* Both during the semester and at re-sit examination period, the exams must be taken in person at the University of Navarra.

enrollment: 162,50€ per credit ECTS credit

Non-refundable application fee: €100

Registration fee: 95€.

Administrative fees: €115

certificate of notes: 25€.

Payment can be made by international bank transfer (the student is responsible for any fees charged by the host banks for fill in money transfer).



The academic programme offers courses in language and Spanish culture, divided according to the linguistic level of the students (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). All those enrolled must complete the test level test prior to the start of semester. 




ILCE's academic offer encourages the development of the ability to communicate in Spanish in order to interpret, think, read, write and tell our story in the world with the goal of promote personal and social responsibility, empathy and solidarity and a globally sophisticated vision that breaks with simplistic cultural stereotypes.