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Being a host family

Being a host family

Being a host family for a student from another country is more than just a new experience. It is a constant human and cultural learning process that enriches both the students and the families. The process of adaptation for the young people who visit us changes completely if it takes place in an environment of affection and understanding, and this is achieved thanks to the good work of our collaborating families.

It is at final a great opportunity to open our homes to the world and create bonds of friendship that will last a lifetime. 

Interested families can apply here.

Aplicaciones anidadas


1. Speak Spanish fluently and that this is the first language spoken in the family home. We have to understand that the main goal of these students is to learn our language and get to know the Spanish culture.

2. It is necessary for the house to be close to urban transport for the independence of student.

3. availability of a separate room for private use (no private bathroom required).

4. Provide the student with full board from Monday to Friday (although the programmes include meals at the university) during their stay. Students eat at the university during the week, as they have classes in the morning and activities/excursions many afternoons and even Saturdays and Sundays.

5. Welcome student into the family as if it were a member of the family.

6. Open-mindedness and a committed attitude that contributes to the integration of the student into the Spanish way of life and culture. To help the student to learn Spanish.

7. Picking up the student on arrival in Pamplona and accompanying him/her on the last day. 

1. fill in on form for registration. As soon as we receive it, if we see that in principle you comply with the requirements and that we can have some candidate according to your profile, we will contact you at contact to interview you and inform you about the documentation you must send us.

2. fill in your transcript with the following documentation:

  • 1 photo with all family members

  • 1 photo of the house and area in which they live

  • 1 photo of the room the student will occupy

  • A welcome letter or letter of introduction in English or Spanish addressed to the student.  

  • Bank details 



Ismael Sánchez Bella Building

31009 Pamplona, Spain

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