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International Studies Program

90 Day Study Abroad Program

First semester: September 5th - December 2nd, 2022

Second semester: January 9th - April 2nd, 2023

The University of Navarra Semester Program is a dynamic program designed for ambitious undergraduate students who want to broaden their cultural horizons in a completely new world experience. Through a challenging academic curriculum and enriching extra-curricular activities, the program offers students the chance to embark on a transformative educational experience in a new setting. 

This current program is scheduled for a duration of 90 days. This will allow students to study at the University of Navarra without applying for a Student Visa before departure.


→ Pedagogical approach (project-based) and assessment (formative and summative) are coherent with US best practices (active learning and fair testing).

→ Personalized attention for students. Academic advisors and ILCE Dean of international students.

→ Detailed syllabi with Student Learning Outcomes.

The academic calendar is divided into two semesters:

First semester: September 5th - December 2nd

Second semester: January 9th - April 7th

Academic calendar (pdf)

Format of class: The subjects are taught face-to-face. Classes are lectures (use of blackboard, computer, projector). Participation and answers to questions posed by the teacher are valued. Exams, projects, team work and oral presentations are given depending on each subject.

Attendance: attendance is compulsory and is often taken into account in the final grade. Participation can count for a maximum of 30 % of the final grade.

Grades: Grades are numerical, from agreement with the following scale: 0-4.9= Fail, 5-6.9 = C, 7-8.9 = B, 9-10 = A, 9-10 MH = enrollment of Honor.

Academic load for full-time students: 30 ECTS credit credit / semester. No minimum or maximum of ECTS credit credit enrolment is required.

Exams: No specific examination period occurs at the end of the semester. Exams will take place throughout the semester with grades being reflective of the cumulative work and assignments provided by each professor.

All students need to complete an online placement test. This is sent to the students once their enrolment is confirmed. At the end of the semester, students will take an achievement test to gauge their progress in Spanish.

Studying abroad is an excellent opportunity for academic and staff growth.

This required course meets once per week and will introduce you to the program staff, your fellow students, and the city of Pamplona. As the semester continues, activities will focus on academic and cultural adjustment. Detailed information about public transportation, culture, health and safety, and other important topics will also be covered.

The Buddy Program at ILCE places international students with native students of the University of Navarra at contact.

Through this programme, the new student can receive advice and recommendations, as well as a unique opportunity to integrate into the local community and learn more about Spanish culture.

Students admitted to the semester programme will receive an email with more information.

Staying with a host family is an ideal way to enrich a student's experience and to reinforce the knowledge gained during the programme. We select our families carefully, and accommodate one student per family. 

All students have individual rooms (fully furnished) and internet connection.

We also offer dormitory living for students who do not wish to live with a host family. While we do recommend living with a host family for the cultural experience, we understand that some students may be more comfortable living in a dormitory similar to those they experienced at their home universities. 

Possibility of taking an official Spanish Certification Exam upon completion of program.

Tuition and Fees


1ECTS= 166,68 €. 

30ECTS= 5 courses

5.000,40 €



Application Fee (non-refundable)

100,00 €

University Registration Fee

95,00 €

ILCE Administration Fee

115,00 €

Comprehensive Orientation & Cultural Adjustment Workshops

160,00 €

Transcript Fee

25,00 €

Cultural Program** (Bilbao, San Sebastián, Logroño and Winery, Royal Palace of Olite, Welcoming Paella, and Farewell Dinner)

370,00 €


5.865,40 €

Other Expenses

Accomodation Fee

60,00 €

Host Families* 250€/week

3.250,00 €

Monthly bus card

105,00 €

Health Insurance

147,00 €


3.562,00 €


9.427,40 €

* 90 days

** Cultural Program could be modified. ILCE will replace any cancelled activity.

(Fees for 21-22 academic year)

→ Experienced, trained, and dedicated local staff on-site

→ Tuition & Fees at University of Navarra

→ Placement Test and ILCE Achievement Test

→ Comprehensive orientation and Cultural Adjustment Workshops

→ Official transcript 

→ Full room and board accommodations

→ Cultural Peer Mentors

→ Field trips and cultural events

→ Local course related excursions

→ Internships

→ Access to university campus facilities

→ Transportation credits for the Pamplona bus system

*Varies by class selection

→ Complete and submit the online application.

→ Have ready a passport copy and passport-sized photograph (scanned). It will be needed to complete the online application form.

Application deadline:

Fall Semester: May 1th

Spring Semester: October 15th

After you apply, you will receive a confirmation by email. In this email we will inform you about the following steps: online level test, housing, course selection, and payment (if applicable). 

Full payment of tuition and fees is due no later than July 1st (Fall Semester) or November 15th (Spring Semester).

Please take note that your admission is not completed until the payment is done. To guarantee a place in the programme, we recommend that you complete the application and payment as soon as you can.

Refund Policy

If UNAV cancels a programme prior to its official arrival date then we will issue a full refund, including the application fee.

Actions by government

Should a Spanish government's action on or before our program start date make it impossible for some students to travel to Pamplona, impacted students will receive a recoverable cost refund from ILCE.

Fall 2022 Refund Policy

Cancellations until July 1st

100€/student (Application fee) + 10% Tuition + 25% Accommodation

Cancellations between July 2nd and July 31st

100/student (Application fee) + 50% Tuition + 50% Accommodation + 25% Cultural Program

Cancellations between August 1st and August 31st

100€/student (Application fee) +75% Tuition + 100% Accommodation + 100% Cultural Program

Cancellations after September 1st

No refund



Spring 2023 Refund Policy

Cancellations until November 15th

100€/student (Application fee) + 10% Tuition + 25% Accommodation

Cancellations between November 16th and November 30th

100/student (Application fee) + 50% Tuition + 50% Accommodation + 25% Cultural Program

Cancellations between December 1st and January 2nd

100€/student (Application fee) +75% Tuition + 100% Accommodation + 100% Cultural Program

Cancellations after January 3rd

No refund

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The International Studies Program is an academically rigorous experience that provides you with the equivalent of more than an entire semester of Spanish language study. Different content courses and internships are also available.

Click below to search for the courses that best suit your goals and interests.



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Spring Semester Schedule



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