Application for admission

Application for admission

The Admissions Office is on a first-come, first-served basis, so interested students are encouraged to apply for early. 

application Online

  • Take grade for the name of the programme (e.g. First semester, Summer Session - July or Winter Programme). 

  • Have ready (scanned) a copy of your passport and a passport size photograph. This will be required for fill in at form of application online. 

  • Complete and submit application online. 

Deadlines for application 


application deadline

Summer Programme - June

1 April

Summer Programme - July

1 May

Summer Programme - August

1 June

First semester or annual course

15 June

Winter Programme

1 November

Second semester

15 October

Confirmation of place

An email will be sent to applicants with the result of Admissions Office. Within deadline two weeks of the email notification, and always one month before the start date of the programme, students admitted to the intensive programme must pay the full amount of the programme. Students admitted to the semester programme or annual course will receive detailed instructions on registration and payment by email.

Payments can be made in cash (exact amount), bank transfer or card from credit . 

test online level

Students will receive access to test online, which is compulsory for all programmes, once their registration has been confirmed at place .