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Research and innovation

ILCE conducts research in the field of applied linguistics and the teaching of Spanish as a second language language. Our goal is to transform our research results into practical applications for language class in assessment, teaching and curriculum development .

In our research projects, we collaborate with researchers and professors from universities around the world. Our research teams are international and we offer opportunities for students from postgraduate program to come and work with us.


ILCE focuses on seven main research areas within the field of applied linguistics and Spanish language teaching from a sociocultural perspective.

Communication teaching, teacher preparation and teaching methodology.

Concept teaching, internalisation and the socio-cultural mind.

Teaching pronunciation, phonetic articulation and new digital personalities.

Teaching creativity, fusion and digital storytelling.

Experiences and experiences: personal transformation and development linguistic.

Language proficiency, placement tests and dynamic assessment.

Research methodology, the arts and generalisation.

The ILCE International Committee of Experts is composed of internationally renowned professors from universities around the world and experts from the private and public sector. The members of the committee of experts assist and advise on research issues and development academic issues in the teaching and assessment of Spanish at the University of Navarra. The ILCE CIC serves as a forum for discussion and enquiry for research professors at the University of Navarra, especially on issues related to international projects and research agendas in applied linguistics.




If you are doing research in the field of teaching Spanish as a second language language from the perspective of sociocultural psychology, please send us an email. We have different funding and research opportunities for both new and established research professors.

More information on research

ILCE has research funds to come and do research in the field of Applied Linguistics from the perspective of Sociocultural Psychology. You can also come to study for a PhD at the University of Navarra.

If you are interested in researching and teaching with us, contact Dr. Eduardo Negueruela Azarola:

Doctoral School

ILCE white papers are scientific reports written by ILCE researchers to report in a brief and straightforward manner on complex issues in language research, learning, teaching and assessment.

These research papers explain ILCE's views on central issues in language learning and teaching, such as the goal of learning a second language language, the complexity of language assessment or how verbal thinking patterns change when learning another language.

ILCE White Papers

(1) "Global Responsible Academic Literacy: Learning a Language with Purpose in a Connected World". Eduardo Negueruela Azarola (Spring 2018)

(2) "Capturing Expertise in Changing Circumstances: Proficiency as Adaptability" (Autumn 2018)

(3) "Why I Don't Have a Voice in Spanish: Personality and Language Learning" (Spring 2019)

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Global Seminars & Invited Speaker Series

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