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Much more than a master's degree


There is a Pilot Plant at department de Tecnología y Chemistry Farmacéuticas with 400 m2 distributed as follows.

- area of solids

- area of semi-solids

- area of liquids

- area of injectables

- area of biotechnological medicinal products, and lyophilisates

- laboratory of development and Quality Control

- laboratory of development Galenic for the exclusive use of the students of Master's Degree with the necessary equipment for the realization of the Technical Projects of development.

Collaborating companies

Since the start of the programme, more than 25 companies in the sector have collaborated by offering paid or professional internships to help the students at development . 

Aplicaciones anidadas


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scholarship 3P Master's Degree

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award 3P - TFM

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Complementary activities

Students complement their theoretical training internship through:

Seminars, courses and conferences
From the Master's Degree we promote and facilitate the attendance of student to the various activities programmed and taught by experts from the Pharmaceutical Industry and the Administration who come as guests to the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition.

Visits to pharmaceutical laboratories
During the first year, student makes numerous visits to pharmaceutical laboratories distributed throughout Spain, where the theoretical/practical knowledge acquired at School is observed in situ.

The students of Master's Degree are free members of AEFI during the 16 months of Master's Degree.

Language School
The Master's Degree offers its students English courses through the University of Navarra's institute of modern languages University of Navarra with significant discounts on the enrollment. More information on the administrative office of the center through 


Professional development programme

We accompany students in the development of their professional degree program ; we facilitate their first contact with the professional world and their employment rate; and we respond to our commitment to the transfer of talent to society.

Professional development sessions:
Activities distributed throughout the life of student to help you develop the basic skills and competences for your employment rate. It consists of several types of activities distributed throughout the Master's Degree:

- training in competences.
- Personalised monitoring and counselling.
- Sessions with industry professionals. Opportunity to make a network of contacts.
- Group and individual sessions to work on aspects such as: self-knowledge and planning of degree program; curriculum, Linkedin and networking; interview staff and dynamics of group.



Mentoring is an indispensable element of the University of Navarra's project educational , which aims at the comprehensive training of students; it provides student committee and guidance so that they can develop their full potential and make the most of all aspects of their professional future.



"By professionals, for professionals".

Focused courses are monographic courses on current topics or topics of special interest given by professionals with proven experience. They last between 6-8 hours, given in one day or two afternoons. They are organised by the School of Pharmacy and Nutrition for its alumni who are already in the professional world.

They pursue several objectives:
- To learn from the experience of professionals
- To get to know the application internship of knowledge
- Networking with other professionals