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The Kino Awards were created in 1996 to celebrate the work of the final year of Degree at speech Audiovisual. Each year, the 4th year students produce a short fiction or documentary film, or an entertainment pilot, which is their first complete project before making the leap to professional life. With these awards, the teachers and students of Degree in speech Audiovisual want to celebrate this arrival at goal, which is a new starting point. And we do it with a friendly competition and a sense of humour, traits that we would always like to find in our work.

The word "cinema" has its root in the Greek kinēma, which means "movement". Capturing and showing life, emotions, change - all movement - is the work that we try to learn and teach at Degree at speech Audiovisual. Moreover, in our language, "the Kino" sounds like a proper or diminutive name, like the Oscars, the Goya, the César, etc.

The statuette of award Kino, used since the second edition, is the work of the artist Carlos Ciriza from Estella, who every year makes it by hand. The main motif of the figure is the word "Kino", sculpted vertically in a rounded shape, pointing to the sky, from which a celluloid trail emerges. This main figure rests on geometric pieces representing a cinema projector. On the reverse is a relief of a cinema camera on a field of stars, and the sculptor's signature .