In 2020, the Congregation for Catholic Education approved the new plans for programs of study of School of Theology, which will be implemented gradually from the academic year 2021-2022.

The following is the Study program 2021 C for the licentiate degree in Moral and Spiritual Theology, although the subjects of higher courses that are currently being taught correspond to the old plan. For this reason, students at the University of Navarra should consult their courses and timetables on their personal pages.


FIRST COURSE (60 ECTS credit) - Study program 2021

Subjects ECTS CREDIT Professor
Bible and Theology 6 Vicente Balaguer / Eduardo Torres
Economic Morale 3 Gregorio Guitián
Great masters of theology 6 Juan Luis Lorda / Juan Luis Caballero
Critical History of Moral Theology 6 Helio T. Luciano
Christ, Mediator and Saviour 6 Isabel León / Pablo Edo
Christianity and Politics  3 Rodrigo Muñoz
Dynamism of the spiritual life 6 Pablo Marti
The Church and Vatican Council II 6 Pedro A. Benítez / Santiago Casas
Family and life 6 José María Pardo
Theological foundations of Christian existence 6 Tomás Trigo / Daniel Granada
The Church in history 3 Santiago Casas
The methods of theology 3 Isabel León / Álvaro Fernández de Córdova


SECOND COURSE (60 ECTS credit) - Study program 2021

Subjects ECTS CREDIT Professor
Structure and dynamism of the person 6 Hélio Tadeu Luciano
Introduction to Psychology for Trainers 3 Francisco Javier Insa
development moral and personality maturity 3 Francisco Javier Insa
Human affectivity and sexuality 3 Martiño Rodríguez / María del Carmen Calatraba / José María Pardo
Neurosciences and moral life 3 Jorge Iriarte
Freedom, vocation and life 3 Pablo Marti
Psychological processes and spiritual accompaniment 6 Wenceslas Vial
Psychiatric disorders and spiritual life 3 Enrique Aubá
Stress regulation and conflict resolution 6 Luis Angel Díaz / Berta Sánchez Lasheras
Tools for interpersonal communication 3 Fernando Sarráis
Gender issues 6 Jorge Iriarte / Jokin de Irala / Cristina López del Burgo
Addictions and moral life 3 Carlos Chiclana / José María Pardo
Human and spiritual care of illness 3 María Arantzamendi
Thesis of licentiate degree 9  



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