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The Sports Service offers the entire university community sports facilities to practice leisure and competitive sports. In addition, through the agreements we have with other sports entities, we offer other sports outside the University facilities. Can we help you?






Aplicaciones anidadas




administrative office Sports
Edificio sports center - Campus Universitario s/n - 31009 Pamplona, Spain

+34 948 425600


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Pablo Martín Aguado

coordinator from Sports Service

+34 948 425600

Gabriel Arroyo Mendía

Secretary of the Sports Service

+34 948 425600

Gregorio Mañeru

Director Sport Club Technician

+34 948 425600

JAF Fernández

Sports Talent

+34 948 425600

César González

Community Manager

+34 948 425600

Adrián Canseco Linares

student partner of the Club Deportivo

School of Communication

+34 948 425600



Aplicaciones anidadas


In order to use the sports facilities of the University of Navarra you must have the card sports . Students and professors may do so with their university card staff , but those who do not have a direct link to the University of Navarra, family members of professors and employe es or graduates, must apply for thecard University Sports.

car park
The sports center parking lot will be available for all users of the sports facilities as of the beginning of the academic year.
Students and employees of the University will be able to access it by presenting the university card both at entrance and at the exit.
All other users will be able to access by pressing the parking button at schedule from 1 to 11 p.m. Monday to Friday and from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.


Those who wish to obtain the University Sports card must fill in their application form correctly and hand it in together with a current colour photograph and a photocopy of both sides of the to the secretary's office of the . application form and hand it in together with an up-to-date passport-sized colour photograph and a photocopy of both sides of National Identity Card at the secretary's office of Sports Service.

In the application form they must indicate a personal core topic for access to the online reservation of tracks.

The validity of the sports card is one calendar year from the date of processing.

The registration and payment can be formalized through this link form.

  • Family members of teachers and employees: €60

  • Graduates: €135



Aplicaciones anidadas


As part of its commitment to its immediate surroundings and to the promotion of sports, the University of Navarra, through the signature of a agreement, grants the use of its facilities to several sports groups. These concessions benefit more than 275 users throughout the year.
These actions are part of the University of Navarra's commitment to a sustainable (goal of development Sustainable 11: Sustainable Cities) and healthier environment .



Aplicaciones anidadas


The Sports Service of the University of Navarra opens the doors to partnership with companies and institutions attracted by the idea of being part of the University's Sports project thus helping to fulfill its mission statement, Vision and Objectives.

The varieties of partnership and its Degrees vary depending on the business, being designed and accommodated in a specific way to the institution's own Philosophy . To this end, the University's Sports Service offers several ways of partnership in a wide variety of projects, such as the Sports Talent Program, the organization of sporting events, sponsorship of teams, the Navarra Olympic Gallery, the maintenance of the intercampus running circuit and the development of sporting activities.

The ultimate goal is to provide a quality service to students, offering them attractive sports facilities and projects where they can develop their sports internship and learn sports values.

The Sports Service thanks all sponsors, both current and those who have supported our projects in previous years, and that without their selfless financial aid would not have been possible to launch so many sports activities. THANK YOU VERY MUCH to all!!!


Aplicaciones anidadas