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Through Career Services, we accompany our students and graduates in the development of their professional degree program . We help them to enter the world of work and achieve their goals through personalised advice, collaborations with companies, training activities and internship offers and employment.

Nested applications


Where to start?

We know that, especially in the first years at university, words such as "employment", "work" or "degree program professional" seem distant, even avoided because they give you "respect". We are aware of what this means, so we encourage you to take control of your degree program as soon as possible to avoid stress in the final year and to ensure that your entrance into the world of work is quick and positive. We help you to get to know yourself, to explore your interests and abilities, and to set realistic goals to find your place in the world.


1. Know yourself

Ask yourself who you are, what you want to contribute to society and how you can do it. Make sure that the career options you consider are a good fit with your skills, interests, values and personality.

  • Interests: those subjects and topics that particularly attract our attention, arouse our curiosity and define what we like to do.

  • Competences or skills : these are our strengths and weaknesses, and may reflect abilities or skills such as speech, analysis, organisation, creativity, etc. In final, what we are good at and what we can improve.

  • Personality: reflects our preferences and how we like to act and be part of the world based on that combination of preferences.

  • Values: reflect the things that are most important to us, both in our life staff and work, and what motivates us to do and enjoy our work.


  • Ask for a quotation with the Careers manager serving your school or School and your academicadvisor (Tu&Co) to identify your interests, competences and values. You can apply for a quotation through the University's Portal of employment.


2. Explore

Reflect on your personal, academic and professional interests . This will allow you to begin to set career goals. Exploring and living experiences such as exchanges or internships, and joining clubs and other university activities will multiply your opportunities and knowledge - make the most of your university experience!


  • Explore the market and the careers that exist. At the activities we organise at the University you can discover many options. The Career Manager at your School or school will provide you with information on what you can apply for. employment opportunities you could apply for. You can apply for a quotation through Portal of employmentof the University.

  • Talk to your colleagues and alumni (e.g. through LinkedIn) who have done internships or who work in something you are interested in. Ask them what they like and dislike most about what they do and how they got to where they are. In the activities organised by Career Services and Alumni you can learn about the experiences of alumni.

  • Explore what you like through internships, exchanges, volunteer activities(discover Tantaka), sports and other activities(more information on University Life). You can also get involved in University clubs.

  • Follow professionals and companies that interest you on LinkedIn and other social networks.

AlumnosYAlumni_ContenidoWebBasico_Texto_3Prepare yourself

3. Be prepared

To take the next steps it is important to develop skills or acquire knowledge that you may not have now. But it is also relevant to prepare a good CV; to learn how to write a letter of reference or a application for a scholarship; to understand the importance of your brand staff and your presence in the digital world; to prepare for interviews; and to develop a proper degree program plan.


  • You can sign up for the training sessions we organise (CV, interview work, cover letter, etc.) through Portal at employment and for other activities through our eventsdiary . In addition, some Schools have added to their academic calendar Essentials, a programme of training sessions and workshops designed to improve your employability.

  • Create a network of valuable contacts on LinkedIn.

  • Ask for an orientation quotation at Portal from employment with the Career Manager who looks after your School or school to discuss your plan for degree program.


4. Act

If you are a bit clearer about what you are interested in and where you want to direct your degree program... you can now take the next steps!



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