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At ISSA School of Applied Management we are committed to the development of our students' professional degree program . We accompany them on their employment rate and help them achieve their goals through continuous and personalised counselling, partnerships with companies, employment fairs, training activities and internship offers and work.

Graduates in Applied Management are in great demand in the labour market thanks to their versatileprofile and their professional skills. They stand out for their general vision of the management of organisations, language skills and knowledge of speech business, as well as for their mastery of digital tools from management such as CRM or ERP. Among other skills, companies also value very positively the ability to adapt, solve problems and work in a team.

In addition, during the degree program financial aid students are encouraged to create and development their own brand staff. In this way, each student is working and creating, based on what they have learnt and their preferences, a different and unique professional profile .

At the end of the degree program, as it is an official Degree , students who wish to do so have the possibility of taking a Master's Degree or a postgraduate program in the area of their choice: MBA, Human Resources, Fashion, Tourism, Events and protocol, Marketing, etc.


Among others, the most common tasks performed in companies by graduates in Applied Management are:

  • Project and process coordination.

  • Resource planning.

  • Logistics and supply chain.

  • Human Resources.

  • Digitalization: CRM, ERP...

  • management Quality Systems.

  • management accounting and financial.

  • management budget.

  • management of suppliers.

  • partnership executive.

  • management Commercial.

  • International trade.

  • e-Commerce.

  • Communication and Marketing.

  • Events and protocol.

  • ...

Tourism, Textile and Fashion, Sports, Hospitality, speech and Marketing, Automotive, Banking and Finance, Food, Technology, Law Firms, NGOs and Foundations, Real Estate Developers, public administration, etc.

- Events Manager

- International & Public Relations

- Customer Service

- Retail Manager

- Export Manager

- Human Resources Manager

- Account Executive

- International Trade

- coordinator of Logistics

- Marketing Manager

- Community Manager

- Office Manager

- International Sales

- manager of Congresses

- Tourism Manager

- Project Manager

- advisor Financial

- Research Consultant

- Business Development Consultant


Aplicaciones anidadas