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The Environment and Landscapes Program seeks to recover the sense of landscape as an expression - in territorial language - of what we are and what we do as human beings, individually and in society.. By bringing students face to face with this reality, in dialogue with it, and learning to understand it in its scientific and cultural dimensions, we are committed to giving environmental reality primacy in university educational action at subject environment.

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The programme is developed through full days in the field, in addition to the many other days offered as part of the specific subjects of Degree. During these days, the territory is studied with an integral approach , in multiple trips to regional (24), national (16) and international landscapes (4 trips, of between 7 and 10 days each).

The goal is to examine in situ, critically, at different scales, in different territorial and cultural contexts, and in an integrated manner, the impacts that changing human activity has generated and continues to generate on the people, cultures, ecosystems and landscapes studied, as well as the possibilities they offer and the challenges they face. In order to achieve this goal we count on the teaching of local professors with accredited environmental and cultural knowledge.

Alumna (class of 2014-2019)
"Environment, Nature Parks, Wetlands.... It seems we already knew what they were before we arrived in Cardiff. But there began a journey through a land that discovered new meanings for the same words. And not only because of the novelty of the landscapes, but also because of the care with which they were treated and studied".

Alumna (class of 2014-2018)
"The trip to Wales was useful for many things (...). I really liked the trip because it allowed me to get to know another place, its landscapes, its customs, how they look after the environment there: it helped me to learn in a way that I found what we were doing interesting".

Professor at department of Environmental Biology (University of Navarra)
"The greatest value of the natural and human world is perhaps only perceived by looking at it. The [environment and landscape] programme offers us an excellent opportunity to learn how to look at it, and to discover more about what it is to be human.

Director Technician of the Integrated Environmental Quality laboratory (LICA-University of Navarra)
"The Environment and Landscapes Program is a unique opportunity to get to know, at first hand, natural spaces, scientific infrastructures and environmental problems of great relevance. This will help students to assimilate knowledge and open up new perspectives in the field of research".

Professor Emeritus of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning (University of California-Berkeley)
"From the shores of the Pacific to the crest of the Sierra Nevada you will explore the variety of habitat, their importance to biodiversity, and management issues facing their stewardship".

Director of the Centre for Environmental Studies (University College, Cardiff)
"Environment and Landscapes in South Wales (...). Daily excursions take us to three contrasting regions, the coastal development area, the coalfield valleys and the spectacular mountains of the Brecon Beacons National Park. In each case, we will be considering how a balance might be struck between the protection of land form, the preservation of cultural artefacts and the conservation of wild species and habitats".