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Complete the Degree in Law by taking one of the following specialisation diplomas over the four years of your degree, , which will give you the chance to acquire complementary knowledge that is highly valued in the labour market. Choose yours!

In addition, you will be able to study the Degreein Law together with the Degreein Philosophyor the Degreein International Officeand obtain a double degree Degreein 6 years.



Aplicaciones anidadas



Honors Program

From 1st to 4th grade, we are looking for bright students, capable of taking responsibility, committed to society, passionate about work and determined to build a better future in a global world.

The student completes its training through interdisciplinary, cultural and introductory activities to the world of work. It also includes participation in activities of profile international, improvement of oral and written communication skills, argumentation, as well as other professional tools. 


Aplicaciones anidadas


Through the Escuela del Opositor we provide our students with the necessary tools to help them discover this vocation.


School of the Opponent

At School of the University of Navarra Law School we aspire to be a preparation centre for all those students who, by means of a competitive examination, are considering a professional career in the Senior Civil Service.

Through the Escuela del Opositor we provide our students with the necessary tools so that they can discover this vocation, learn first-hand about all the alternatives and, during their studies, get into the study of a specific competitive examination.


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