Reflection on the fundamentals of communication

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Aplicaciones anidadas


The department of Public Communication (DCP) brings together professors and researchers in both theoretical and applied subjects that are concerned with providing cross-cutting conceptual foundations to the professor and researcher endeavors of the School of Communication at the University of Navarra.


The DCP has as mission statement a deep reflection on the fundamentals of communication in its various manifestations in order to provide solid starting points for communication as a field of knowledge.

This reflection, in the case of CPD, is deployed in disciplines such as Theory, History, Law, or Communication Ethics. They develop the axioms, foundations, evolution and personal and social operating principles of the reality of communication, especially in the public space. Likewise, the DCP includes in its scope subjects that deal with communication as a basic category of the social and, with this specific perspective, it deals with Political Communication, Global Communication, Public Opinion and the methodologies used to study the effects of the media and its contents.

The DCP is fundamentally interested in the configuring role that communication has in the public space and in the forms of social life that appear in it.

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas


Research activity



Published in

Drivers and barriers for sustainable fashion consumption in Spain: A comparison between sustainable and non-sustainable consumers

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Does sustainability matter to fashion consumers? Clustering fashion consumers and their purchasing behavior in Spain

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The Constructive Role of the average in Hate Speech Controversies: The Valtònyc and Hasél Cases

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The constructive role of the average in hates speech controversies: the Valtònyc and Hasél cases


IBERIFIER Reports-Legal and Political Aspects of Disinformation in Portugal and Spain

Publications Service of the University of Navarra

Algorithmic governance in public opinion: a methodological study on the perception of refugees.

Miguel Hernández Communication Journal, 449-469

The systemic crises of the media in democratic Spain: was any time in the past a better time?

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The impact of new European policies on the regulation of Spanish public service average: a decisive influence?

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Perceptions of journalism and trust in news among traditionalist and digitalist average users: A comparative analysis of Denmark, Spain and USA

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Post-truth and disinformation in democracy. How to combat them and strengthen the truth

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Map of the capabilities of research at subject of disinformation in universities and research centers. research

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Perceptions of journalism and trust in news among traditionalist and digital media users: a comparative analysis of Denmark, Spain and the U.S.

Anàlisi 68, 7-25

The audience of The Newsroom (HBO) in Spain: profiles, identification, and journalistic roles.


Categories of trust for television news and indicators for their measurement: Perceptions of stakeholders in Germany, Spain and Italy.

University of Alicante. group de research Communication and Specific Audiences (COMPUBES)


PhD Student



News engagement patterns in Jordan and Saudi Arabia: a comparative study of news repertoires

Mustafa Mohd, Ruba


Javier Serrano Puche

The polarization of the public space in Spain. The speech of the elites and their press coverage between 2000 and 2020.

Sierra Iso, Aurken


Jordi Rodríguez Virgili

Marx, communicator: a response to the problem of the epistemological status of Karl Marx (1818-1883).

De Pablo Contreras, Gabriel


Alejandro Navas
Mónica Codina Blasco

Electoral communication, Internet and citizenship: The case of the first "connected" elections in Venezuela.

Polanco Medina, Joslay


Jordi Rodríguez Virgili

The consumption side of sustainable fashion: Understanding the attitude-behavior gap among Spanish consumers.

Blas Riesgo, Silvia


Mónica Codina Blasco
Teresa Sádaba

Cyberpolitics in Latin America: A model to measure its influence on critical instability

Fernández Pérez, Carmen Beatriz


Jordi Rodríguez Virgili
Charo Sádaba

The influence of workplace TV drama series on social and professional expectations about the work of television journalists. The case of The Newsroom (HBO, 2012-2014).

Novoa Jaso, María Fernanda


José Javier Sánchez Aranda
Javier Serrano Puche

Ecuador TV and other public media as propaganda tools in the Correa era (2007-2017)

Panchana Macay, Allen Javier


Carlos Barrera del Barrio
Mercedes Muñoz Saldaña

Hugo Chavez's populism and its effects on Venezuelan's political values

Motta Giacomo, Alejandro


Jorge Rodríguez Virgili
César Mauricio Velásquez Ossa

The journalistic and entrepreneurial initiatives of Juan Pablo de Villanueva

Robles Izu, Javier


Carlos Barrera del Barrio

Charles H. Cooley: an approach (instructions for a communicative theory of social)

López-Escobar Fernández, Esteban


Manuel Martín Algarra
Maxwell McCombs

Freedom at the center. Letter from Josemaría Escrivá to José Solís Ruiz in response to the Falangist press campaign against Opus Dei (1966).

Tormo Ederra, Antonio


Jaime Nubiola Aguilar
Mercedes Montero Díaz

Communication of Spanish public administrations in the 21st Century

Ballester Espinosa, Adrián


Jordi Rodríguez Virgili

A Theoretical Modeling of the Relations between Political Society & Civic Society: A Relational Appproach to Political Marketing Practices of the 2013 Iranian Presidential Election.

Naeimi, Mitra


Mercedes Montero Díaz
Co-director: Darren Lilleker

Campaigns and disaffection. instructions for a conceptual reconstruction and rules and regulations of the advertising electoral by virtue of its democratic effects.

Fierro Zamora, Pedro


Ana Azurmendi Adarraga
Alberto Pedro López-Hermida Russo

History of Antena 3 Radio (1982-1994)

Dobón Roux, Pilar


Carlos Barrera del Barrio

The book, the "mass average" and the Republic of Technology according to the thought of Daniel J. Boorstin: a new perspective of Communication Theory.

Scull Baptista, Morela


José Javier Sánchez Aranda

From self-regulation to co-regulation. Study of its application in the main European countries. The Spanish case

Gómez-Iglesias Rosón, Victorino


Mercedes Muñoz Saldaña

The personalization of electoral campaigns in Spain and France: a comparative study of television commercials in the 21st century.

Rebolledo De La Calle, Marta


Jordi Rodriguez Virgili
Co-director: Philippe Maarek

Public diplomacy of European city networks. Analysis of the quality of internal relations

Baptista Serna, Joyce


Mª Teresa la Porte Fernández-Alfaro

Pedro J. Ramírez, from Diario 16 to The Foundation of El Mundo

Ramos Rugel, Raquel


Carlos Barrera Del Barrio

Communication and risk perception: Journalism in Spain on the anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident.

De Oliveira, Camila


Alejandro Navas

Fashion communication in Spain. A sociocultural study of Telva magazine (1963-1975).

Bueso Torres, Roberta


Mónica Codina Blanco
Mercedes Montero Díaz

Political persuasion. Theoretical and practical analysis of the concept and fundamentals of political communication.

Rodríguez Andrés, Roberto


Mª José Canel Crespo

Influence of Two and a Half Man on the decision to remain single. Theoretical-empirical approach to the power of placements in comedy programs.

Zubieta Peniche, Pablo Arturo


José Javier Sánchez Aranda

Social cybermovements. New communicative opportunities in the era of the Internet and the social Web, new possibilities for democratic transformation.

Ortiz Galindo, Rocío


Alejandro Navas
Co-director: Mónica Codina

Initiating the Dialogue with Europe: Information in ABC, La Vanguardia and EFE during the exploratory talks (1964-1966)

Cueto Luz, Carmen


Pedro Lozano Bartolozzi

Application of rational choice theory to the study of East Asian international communication: The case of the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands.

López Aranguren, Juan Luis


Pedro Lozano Bartolozzi
Co-director: Juan Pablo Artero Muñoz

Contributions of the personalist Philosophy to the theory of communication: Conceptual considerations from the perspective of communicative expression.

Huamán Flores, Fernando


Manuel Víctor Martín Algarra
Javier Serrano Puche

Communication and policy coherence. The case of the European Union's development policy.

Nso (*) Roca, Sara Miriam


Mª Teresa La Porte

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departmental management committee

Visor de contenido web (Global)

Mónica Codina Blasco

Chief of Staff

Public Communication

Manuel Martín Algarra

Deputy Director

Public Communication

María Fernanda Novoa Jaso

administrative assistant academic

Public Communication

Aplicaciones anidadas

Aplicaciones anidadas



From department depends the teaching in the Degrees of Marketing, Journalism and Audiovisual Communication, and in the programs of postgraduate program Master's Degree in Political and Corporate Communication (MCPC), Master's Degree Executive in Fashion Business Management and the Master's Degree in Curatorial Studies.



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Degree in Journalism


Degree in Marketing


Degree in Audiovisual Communication

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Degree at Philosophy, Politics and Economics (Philosophy, Politics and Economics)


Degree at Economics + Governance and Leadership Program


Degree in International Relations



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Master's Degree in Political and Corporate Communication


Master's Degree Executive in Fashion Business Management


Master's Degree at programs of study de Comisariado / Curatorial Studies

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Boarding students

A student intern is a student who joins department to collaborate in tasks of teaching and/or research, performing tasks that are compatible with their dedication to study and that contribute to their academic and professional training . Therefore, being student intern means participating in the university work , collaborating in the professor and research activity of the professors of the School of Communication.

Being student intern is an opportunity to acquire a solid and complete university training , as it provides an experience that allows acquiring or developing some of the skills, aptitudes and attitudes necessary to work with skill professionally. At the same time, having contact with the teaching and research tasks of the Departments is an opportunity to get to know from the inside the work that is carried out in the School and can be the entrance gateway to the degree program academic .