Panorama de la guerra entre Rusia y Ucrania

Overview of the war between Russia and Ukraine


29 | 11 | 2022


The geopolitical and other factors subject that have led to the invasion, in a 'proxy' confrontation between Russia and NATO, and some possible future scenarios

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entrance to the headquarters of the Russian Ministry of Defense in Moscow [Russian Government].


The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine has reached a high level of tension between Moscow and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO); a situation that affects not only the region, but also the United States and the entire world. Full control of Ukraine is critical to Russia's stability and strategic objectives. The ever-increasing approach, through successive NATO enlargements, to Russia's borders by the U.S.-led NATO military force has created a very tense scenario. This scenario is unacceptable for Russia, as it would have its former Cold War enemy on the borders of its territory.

The main problem - the underlying problem - is not only the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, but the conflict between Russia and NATO-USA. The possible use of Ukraine as a territory that could bring closer a threat to Russia's security alters the geopolitical and strategic situation in the region.

This document deals with several topics for reflection in order to understand the conflict, with a general overview of the Russian-Ukrainian disagreement. Thus, the problematic of geography, the presence of the Russian language and the Russian territorial pretensions over Crimea and the Black Sea, among other aspects, are examined. The geopolitical vision of Russia and the United States in the region is also analyzed, as well as the political-military strategy adopted by the two powers with respect to Ukraine. The importance of the economy and the control of resources, specifically gas, oil and cereals, is also considered.

This study on the Russia-Ukraine conflict concludes with several scenarios, which could occur in the short and medium term deadline.

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