Seguridad en la era de la Inteligencia Artificial

Security in the age of Artificial Intelligence


25 | 01 | 2024


Advances in AI applied to the security and defense sector; technology and warfare: where we are going.

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A world of robots

We have entered the era of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and our habitat is beginning to be populated by automatisms whose actions attempt to replicate the human mind. AI has applications in all areas, with enormous benefits for society, but the proliferation of robots is disturbing when we think that in their hands - in an algorithm - they can make decisions about life or death, as in the case of lethal autonomous weapons. Precisely when war is so present in our daily lives - it is true that at a certain distance, but Ukraine and Gaza are in our European and Mediterranean area and its effects are also experienced in our stores and streets - the development of AI in subject of security and defense occupies a place of special interest. Ongoing conflicts, with the prominence we are seeing of drones, constitute a test bank of new capabilities, going from military to civilian industry and vice versa.

In Global Affairs Journal we wanted to examine the relationship between technology and war: to see whether AI will bring about a revolution on the battlefield - a question addressed in the introduction, at position by Salvador Sánchez Tapia, coordinator of this issue of GAJ - and, in any case, to establish what is the state of the art of technological development in the military field, as Ángel Gómez de Ágreda does, and what use AI has in it, as Carlos Frías Sánchez does. Carlos Calvo analyzes the technology that has been deployed in current conflicts. The challenges posed by these new emerging technologies in the ethical and legal order -something of final relevance, especially in their use against individuals- are presented by Eugenia López-Jacoiste.



Technology as a catalyst for change in warfare | Salvador Sánchez Tapia (co) [PDF] [PDF].

Technology and war: current state of the art | Ángel Gómez de Ágreda [PDF].

Artificial Intelligence in the military field | Carlos Frías Sánchez [PDF] [PDF].

Technology in current conflicts: Carlos Calvo González-Regueral [PDF] [PDF].

New emerging technologies and armed conflicts: ethical and legal challenges [ PDF] [Eugenia López-Jacoiste].