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Below we include, in alphabetical order, links to pages on Bioethics, forthcoming congresses and health law issues. None of the following lists are exhaustive, nor are they limited to pages with a specific moral orientation. Many of them contain, in turn, links to other Bioethics pages.

In these links, emphasis has been placed on those containing Codes, Declarations, recommendations, articles, etc., relating to biomedical ethics and also to other disciplines of the area of Sciences, especially those that are very long, very technical, or for which reproduction rights have not been obtained.

If you know of any other Bioethics Centres of particular interest to include in this list, we would be very grateful if you could send us their Internet address by e-mail.



Reading between the lines: A critical history of contraception

Book by Dr. Gonzalo Herranz that sample little known or silenced facts. English version.

Thinking about evolution

Book by Antonio Pardo on theoretical and methodological questions of evolution, with a critique of frequent confusions and proposals for future research .

The fictitious embryo

Abook by Dr. Gonzalo Herranz in which the biological arguments that were used at the beginning of in vitro fertilisation to weaken the status of the human embryo are set out, and in which their weakness is demonstrated.

From the heart of medicine

Book by Dr. Gonzalo Herranz with a global vision of medical ethics, published by the Organización Médica Colegial.



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