Lectures on medical ethics by Gonzalo Herranz

The sacred value of human life

The drug and its ethical boundaries

The committee genetics and value of weakness

Preliminary instructions

Respect for the experimental subject as a person

Human cloning and medical ethics

Ethical aspect of patient information in anesthesiology and resuscitation.

Deontological responsibility for Alzheimer's patients

Potential conflicts in interprofessional relationships

In defense of professional deontology: a rationale for non-philosophers

Pain management in the elderly and medical ethics

The protection of weakness. A fundamental ethical value in medicine

Counter-conservatives, civil resistance and professional boycott (about RU-486)

On the ambiguity of scientific progress: the responsibility to participate in the bioethical discussion

Pain and Ethics in the Terminally Ill

In the face of the fourth assumption of decriminalization of abortion

The ethics of the health professions, core of the teaching programmed

Medical ethics and recovery of human values. A task for patients and physicians

Ethical implications of the computerization of the patient data

Deontological problems facing pharmacists today

A psychiatrist goes to war: the physician's ethics in warfare

The biology of bioethics: uses and abuses of the scientific data

Nursing's respect for patients and their convictions

Health care institutions and physicians: ethical tensions

The twilight of life

Medical ethics of suicide

The deontological responsibility of the health professional

Medical ethics and its relationship to medical records and confidentiality

The biological individuality of the human embryo

Need for professional ethics in medicine

Medical strike ethics

Hospital ethics committees

Medical ethics and citizen participation in healthcare centers.

Freedom and conscientious objection in the health professions

Refusal of treatment and hunger strike

Polypharmacy in geriatrics. Ethical implications

Preimplantation diagnosis and ethical status of the human embryo

Euthanasia, ethical and social problem

The reception of the Instruction Donum vitae

The role of the Colleges in the promotion of ethics

The human rights of physicians

Neonatal euthanasia

The current status of the Code of Medical Ethics

Weathering the storm: the critical view in gynaecology

Scientific progress from an ethical perspective. The remedy and the disease

The artificial family

The ethics of the medical student

Some Christian contributions to the ethics of biomedical research. A historical perspective

Embryos and mitochondria. Commentary on the "mitochondrial transplantation" experiment.

Appearance before the Euthanasia Study Commission

The fictitious embryo

Genetic manipulation and the ethical status of the embryo

Rights of the Strong and Rights of the Weak: the Doctor at the Stake

Pharmacology and pregnancy. Ethical implications

Celebrating the Gospel of life

The Contribution of Medical Ethics to the Administration of Justice

Bioethics at research in the human being

Ethical and Legal Considerations on Abortion

Ethical respect for weakness

Are the sick people people or things? On ethical respect in medicine

Ethics on university programs of study : educating doctors ethically for the profession and society

The role of the teaching of medical ethics in the training of the physician

The silences surrounding in vitro fertilisation

Was the Nuremberg Code too demanding? The history of a forgetfulness

The hospital as an ethical body

Bioethics, a public issue: present and future of International and National Bioethics Committees

The ethics of palliative care

Conscientious objection

When the doctor cannot compromise: The deontology of conscientious objection and medical strike action

Euthanasia and financial aid medical suicide: Is there a right to die?

From the Hippocratic Oath to the Declaration of Geneva: the eclipse of God in Medical Ethics

On the Encyclical Evangelium vitae

Therapeutic cloning and its ethical implications

Is consensus building ethical?

Respect for weakness

Ethical aspects of application of advanced informatics to Medicine

The ethical authority of clinical protocols

Are patients' rights human rights?

Ethics of the health strike

The rational foundations of medical ethics: respect for life and human dignity

Ethical issues in AIDS prevention, diagnosis and treatment

Professional ethics and doctors:goal priority or marginal issue?

The human embryo, subject of research

Ethical aspects of the patient-doctor relationship - public health institutions

Applications and implications of the fundamental Genetics

Surplus embryos: An unsolvable problem or a false problem?

research on embryos and medical ethics

The destruction of frozen embryos: reflection on a news story

Science journalism and biotechnology

Moral image of the culture of life

The deontological obligation to study. Keeping up to date and orthodoxy.

Ethical aspects of telemedicine

Bioethics and development embryonic

On the ambiguity of progress from an ethical perspective

Ethics and moral reflection of the medical student

Health ethics. A long experience

Professional loyalty and freedom in nursing

Ethical standards after Nuremberg

The exhaustion of Principled Bioethics. In search of new solutions

Ethics of freedom to prescribe medicines

Ethics in the provision of information and use of medicines

Medical-pharmaceutical aspects of the human embryo

The RU-486 pill and other abortifacients: Birth control of the future?

Interprofessional relations at attendance health