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TextPhysics and awe in the face of nature

Physics and awe in the face of natureReflection on the role of wonder in the face of nature as a bridge between the physicist's work and philosophical reflection on the natural world, which has in physics a description of the world from which to start.

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VideoLetter to Carlos

Letter to CarlosCommentary on the alleged attribution of Christianity to St. Paul and St. Augustine: science of the historiography of the Sacred Scripture, scientific dating of the shroud, an explanation of the compatibility of miracles and science.


VideoThe Christian inspiration of the science of nature

The Christian inspiration of the science of nature The development of mathematics as a science occurs in Greece, strongly associated with geometry. Physics develops in the later Christian environment, and its Christian matrix of ideas was necessary for that development.


Scientific versus revealed data Video and presentation

Scientific versus revealed data The advance of science seems to make the religious cosmogony of Genesis on the origin of man unnecessary, but it produced the greatest leap of knowledge of History and it is still current. Points are raised core topic on what the Church says today about the origin of man.

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Reasonable certainty in science and philosophytext

Reasonable certainty in science and philosophyMathematics and experimental science are based on postulates that cannot be justified by themselves. Their acceptance implies the adoption of philosophical postulates. Some of these postulates, which lead to the possibility of reasonable certainty in science, are shown.


Video and presentationMechanistic philosophy and theology: from conflict to integration?

Mechanistic philosophy and theology Nineteenth-century mechanicism has been enriched by accepting philosophical approaches to causality that are not strictly mechanical, and by raising epistemological problems about the scientific explanation of reality, which open the door to a certain dialogue with theology.


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