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Hidden theology in the new naturalismsvideo and presentation

Hidden theology in the new naturalismsThe current currents of scientistic naturalism are characterized by their denial of theism. Since they do not base their denial on science, they must be analyzed from the point of view of natural theology, which makes it possible to arrive at their core according to their theological positions.


VideoVulnerability. The depth and grandeur of the wounded body

Vulnerability. The depth and grandeur of the wounded body Today's culture, which values appearance so much, has trouble understanding the greatness of a wounded body. The openness of a wounded body makes it possible to enter a world of deep relationships beyond equality, contract, utility, duty or paternalism.


TextMind-brain relationships and neuroscience- neuroscience dialoguePhilosophy

Mind-brain relationships and neuroscience- neuroscience dialoguePhilosophyThe interdisciplinary study of the mind-brain relationship allows two approaches: from neuroscience to Philosophy, and from Philosophy to neuroscience. The application of these relationships to ethics and social dependence is explored.

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Video and presentationNature conservation and dynamics of the sacred

Nature conservation and dynamics of the sacredThe sacred can encompass natural environments, which are often associated with places of worship and are deserving of special respect; they often coincide with nature reserves. The interrelationships between religion, conservation and management of these environments are examined.

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Video and presentationScience, reason and faith in Blaise Pascal

Science, reason and faith in Blaise PascalPascal was a genius, sincere and constant search engine of the truth. He was passionate about the scientific novelties of his time. He had a deep religious conversion, which he wanted to transmit and which resulted in The Thoughts. His vindication of "the reasons of the heart" is classic.


Video and presentationArgument of design and fifth way of St. Thomas: similarities and differences.

Argument of design and fifth way of St. Thomas: similarities and differences.The review of the modern argument of design to demonstrate the existence of God sample great differences with the fifth way of St. Thomas. They start from the order of nature, but their idea of finality and causality is different and they arrive at different results.


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