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The discussion of the argument of the design Video

summaryOrder in classical philosophy sample the existence of an ordering intelligence. Modern materialism makes order and purpose disappear from the explanation of nature, in evolution with Darwin. The movement of the intelligent design tries to recover these dimensions.
Author: Felipe Aizpún

Evolutionism. State of play Text

summary summary of Darwinism from Darwin's theses to the present day. Criticism of Darwinist approaches, on questions of method and from the scientific point of view. Proposal of an alternative way.
Author: Antonio Pardo

The man before the man Video and presentation

summaryThe scientific findings are described which show that early humans (Homo habilis) emerged from bipedal ancestors 4 million years ago and are identifiable in the fossil record as early as 2 million years ago.
Author: Daniel Turbón

Human genetic diversity 100,000 years ago Video and presentation

summaryHuman palaeogenetic studies based on mitochondrial DNA are described, as well as studies of Neanderthals, with special emphasis on the study of Denisovans and their relationships with other branches of the human lineage.
Author: Daniel Turbón

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God and America's War on Darwinvideo

Author: Karl Giberson

From conventional hypothesis testing in science to the evolutionary hypothesisvideo

Author: Miguel Ángel Martínez

The Origin of Man: Scientific and Theological Perspectivesvideo

Author: Rafael Jordana and Juan Luis Lorda

How do the theory of evolution and the doctrine of creation fit together? Pdf

Author: Santiago Collado

God's creation or blind evolution of the subject? Pdf

Author: Juan Luis Lorda

Is design intelligent a scientific or a religious theory?

Abstract: The main theses of the Intelligent design movement, born in the context of the dispute between Darwinism and creationism, and especially the inference of design from scientific observations, are described, and the problems of method of this position are discussed.
Author: Santiago Collado

Why do we have to accept evolution? Pdf

summaryWhenever science provides solutions to certain issues, a plethora of questions immediately arise. The biological theory of evolution uncovered a "Pandora's box" that requires other knowledge to be completed.
Author: Antonio Pardo

Chance and levels of observation in evolution 

summary: The theory of evolution currently posits the origin of new forms of life as result of chance and natural selection. In science, each phenomenon requires an appropriate method of study, and there may be different levels of observation involving different methods of study. In evolution, admitting chance at one level of explanation does not imply that other levels of...
Author: Antonio Pardo

Brief historical overview of the position of the Church's Magisterium on evolutionism

summaryArticle that briefly describes the interventions of the Magisterium of the Church on biological evolution, focusing on those of the end of the 19th century and, in the 20th century, on those of Pius XII, John Paul II and Benedict XVI.
Author: Santiago Collado

Science and Transcendence: Intelligent DesignPdf

Author: Santiago Collado

Creation and Evolution: A Conference with Pope Benedict XVI in Castel Gandolfo

summaryReview of Horn, S. (ed.), Creation and Evolution: A Conference with Pope Benedict XVI in Castel Gandolfo, Ignatius Press, San Francisco, 2008, 200 pp. Includes four papers from the session and an article by one of the co-editors.
Author: Santiago Collado González

Darwins Black Box: The Biochemical Challenge to Evolution. By Michael J. Behe. New York: The Free Press, 1996

summaryBehe successfully dispels the myth that neo-Darwinism has everything under control in explaining the origin of life and of the various biochemical systems needed for various life forms. He attempts to find theoretical grounds for why such an explanation could never be forthcoming from that quarter. In the end, however, he admits he cannot provide such a...
Author: Marie I. George (St. John's University, New York)

Darwin and the intelligent design

summary: Review of the work by Francisco J. Ayala: Darwin y el design inteligente. Creacionismo, cristianismo y evolucionismo. Alianza publishing house: Madrid, 2007. 231 pp. Includes an extensive summary of the work.
Author: Carlos A. Marmelada

Darwin and the origin of species Audio

Author: Daniel Turbón

Darwin and religion: the story of a dialogue between science and faith Pdf

Author: Juan Pablo Martínez Rica

Darwin and the theory of evolution

summaryBrief biography of Darwin, history of the voyage of the H.M.S. Beagle, the findings, the publication of The Origin of Species, and the subsequent reactions until the elaboration of the synthetic theory.
Author: Carlos A. Marmelada

From conventional hypothesis testing in science to the evolutionary hypothesis 

summaryTheoretically, chance could explain everything, but with statistics, chance as a cause is rejected when the probability is very high. In theory, chance could explain everything, but with statistics, chance is rejected as a cause when the probability is very high leave. In evolutionary biology this criterion is hardly applied.
Author: Miguel Ángel Martínez

Recent developments in evolution and their implications for faith and theology

summary: Current state of evolutionary theories: The origin of the universe, the origin of life, the origin of species, the origin of man, the evolutionary worldview. Philosophical-theological reflections: Divine action in the world, human uniqueness. The first part briefly discusses the current state of evolutionary theories, and the second part...
Author: Mariano Artigas

design Intelligent: a new challenge to Darwin?

summary: Brief explanation of the history of the Intelligent Design movement ( design ), and its repercussions on the Darwinian evolutionary thesis.
Author: Santiago Collado González

The discussion on the status of homo floresiensis

summary: Account of the finding of the Man of Flores, vicissitudes of his remains and summary of the various scientific opinions on their significance.
Author: Carlos A. Marmelada

The origin of life 

summary: speaker gives the session in an informative tone, and summarises some of the most recent findings in support of the various existing theories on the origin of life on Earth.
Author: Francisco Javier Novo

The Origin of Life and the Evolution of Species: Science and Interpretations Pdf

summaryThe scientific study of the beginnings of the world has in recent historical times raised the biological questions of the origin of life and the evolution of species (understood as the passage from one species to another by generation). In addition to the purely scientific problems they raise (such as the difficulty of establishing solid hypotheses), they also raise the question of...
Author: Antonio Pardo

The origin of man. Current state of paleoanthropological research.   Pdf

summaryI.INTRODUCTION. II.PRELIMINARY QUESTIONS. 1. The fossil record. 2. The dating of fossils. 3. The biological notion of species. 4. The status of man within the animal kingdom. III.FOSSILS OF SUPERIOR PRIMATES NON-HOMANIDS...
Author: Rafael Jordana

The Vatican and evolution. The reception of Darwinism on the file of the Table of Contents Pdf

summaryThe opening of file of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in 1988, has given access to the existing documentation on the first reaction of the Vatican authorities to the theory of evolution. This article presents the research initiated by Mariano Artigas in 1999 to determine what was the attitude of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the...
Author: Rafael A. Martínez

Emergence and reduction in morphogenetic theories

summaryThe origin of the universe and of man are the limit cases of the evolutionary worldview, whose main task consists in the formulation of morphogenetic theories explaining how new levels emerge from more basic ones. In this context, the problems of emergence and reduction occupy a central place....
Author: Mariano Artigas

Interview with the academic Mariano Artigas

summaryInterview with Mariano Artigas on evolution following the publication of The Frontiers of Evolutionism.

Evolutionary epistemology

summary: Commentary on the book "Evolutionary Epistemology, Rationality, and the Sociology of Knowledge", edited by Gerard Radnitzky and W.W. Bartley III. Bartley III. Open Court, La Salle (Illinois) 1987, which proposes new epistemological approaches in philosophy of science.
Author: Mariano Artigas

Human evolution: the latest discoveries

summary: Introduction. The human being: that great mystery. The first discoveries. Neanderthal Man. Upright man without speech. The hominids of Southern Africa. The second generation. Paranthropes and the first Homo. Lucy. The most famous hominid. The decade of the nineties. In search of the roots. Abel. The australopithecine of Chad...
Author: Carlos A. Marmelada

Evolutionism, philosophy and Christianity. Henri Bergson died 50 years ago

summary: Brief biographical grade , creative evolution, Bergson and Spain, the mystics, vital tensions, truth, scientism, materialism and spiritualism.
Author: Mariano Artigas

Evolutionism and Christianity

summary:summary very concise of the position of the Catholic Church on biological evolution, and contrast with fundamentalist Protestant positions.
Author: Mariano Artigas

Evolutionism and Christian faith

summaryThe catholic doctrine on creation, the scope of natural sciences, evolution and divine action, the difficulties and their roots, the knowledge of divine action: reason and revelation, the origin of the universe, the origin of life, the evolution of living things, the origin of man, the evolutionist worldview.
Author: Mariano Artigas

Finding Design in Nature

summary: Cardinal Schönborn's attack on Darwinism by opposing God's providence to the concept of chance in evolution.
Author: Christoph Schönborn

God and Evolution

summary: Article on the compatibility between evolution and belief in God, with references to the 'Schömborg affair' and the Magisterium of the Church.
Author: Cardinal Avery Dulles

Homo floresiensis. The great little mystery of human evolution

summary: A first part makes a summary of the rapid changes in the evolutionary panorama of man, as new remains are discovered over the few that are known, and a second part details the finding, its significance for the human evolutionary panorama and the perspectives that are opening up.
Author: Carlos A. Marmelada

Intelligent Design: the creation of the cosmos

summary summary historical of the beginnings of the Intelligent Design movement and summary of its main postulates.
Author: Santiago Collado González

Is intelligent design really science?

summaryExplanation of basic concepts on Intelligent Design: scientific approach, theological considerations, evolution but not Darwinism.
Author: Michael Cook

Cologne Cathedral and the evolution of species

summaryChance and the origin of novelties in Darwin in comparison with the bombing of the Cologne Cathedral.
Author: Juan Luis Lorda

Evolution, between science, reason and faith Pdf

Author: Juan Luis Lorda

Evolution is a divine tool Pdf

summaryInterview with Karl W. Giberson. Participation in television debates on evolution and creationism make Karl W. Giberson, physicist and Christian theologian, an important figure when talking about the clash between science and faith. Are Darwin's ideas evidence for the non-existence of God?
: Emili J. Blasco

Evolution today. Evolutionism: the fact and its implications.

summaryA popular commentary on the content of Ayala's book. It has the virtuality of exposing current theories although it is somewhat blunt in its scientific optimism, and leaves some important philosophical questions barely sketched out.
Author: Mariano Artigas

The Church and evolutionism: the case of Raffaello Caverni

summaryIn this article unpublished documents are brought to light about a book that was condemned in 1878 by the Congregation of the Index because it argued that evolutionism and Christianity were compatible.
Author: Mariano Artigas and Rafael Martínez 

The uncertainty of human phylogenies

summary: Difficulties in establishing human phylogenies: to establish phyletic relationships, to determine palaeospecies, the precariousness of the fossil record, and intellectual a prioris.
Author: Carlos A. Marmelada

The laws of nature and the immanence of God in the evolving universe

summaryIn this article, after critically studying some new models of God's intervention in nature at the microcosmic level, I attempt to defend the thesis that God's immanence in nature is expressed in cosmic order and evolutionary novelty. Among many physical forms of manifestation of divine immanence, we should note in particular...
Author: Msgr. Józef Zycinski

The third leg of evolution and the example of the car Pdf

Author: Juan Luis Lorda

The remote origins of the human race. Miocene hominoids

summaryReview of Miocene hominids, with considerations on individual specimens, and links to more extensive papers.
Author: Carlos A. Marmelada

Lights and shadows in the study of human evolution

summary: The latest fossil discoveries of human ancestors are reviewed and their implications for the hypotheses of human evolutionary genealogy are analysed.
Author: Carlos A. Marmelada

Monogenism and polygenism Pdf

summaryThe present article is an update of the status quaestionissof the origin of the human being in the light of the most recent anthropological and genetic research data. It reviews the latest contributions of science and the current state of research, as well as a philosophical reading of the data in the light of the catholic doctrine on the origin of man.
Author: Rubén Herce

Our cousins the Denisovans Pdf

summary: About 40,000 years ago three Humanities occupied the Earth: homo sapiens, neanderthals and denisovans, a group of which nothing was known and from which we inherited part of the immune system.
Author: Jesús Rubio

New data, new questions:The growing complexity of human evolution

summary: Sections: Human evolution is very complex, new discoveries, new questions, a common point, new discoveries.
Author: Carlos A. Marmelada

On Attempts to Salvage Paley's Argument from Design

summary: My intention in this paper is to investigate some of the arguments for and against Paley, paying special attention to arguments proffered by those who claim to be basically in agreement with him, but whom I think are unsuccessful in their efforts to resuscitate him. I do not intend to do a thorough textual analysis of Paley, but a more general analysis of his...
Author: Marie I. George (St. John's University, Jamaica, New York). 

Origin of man

summaryA work in which, after three technical chapters by Daniel Turbón, Mariano Artigas explains the issues in relation to faith and religion.
Author: Mariano Artigas and Daniel Turbón

Relationship between the theological doctrine of creation and biological theories of evolution

summaryThe fundamental elements of the Darwinian explanation of evolution, the Christian doctrine of creation, its philosophical explanation and its compatibility are examined.
Author: Santiago Collado González

Selam. The australopithecine girl from Dikika

summaryThe Selam fossil: An update on palaeoanthropology and a detailed description of the Selam fossil.
Author: Carlos A. Marmelada

seminar on evolution with Professor Javier Novo

summaryThe genetics of populations, macroevolution and the generation of complexity in biological systems.
Author: Javier Novo

Working session on the origin of man

summarySpeeches by Daniel Turbón on paleoanthropology, José Ignacio Murillo on gnoseology, Antonio Pardo on synthetic theory and Luis Echarte on mental phenomena and evolution.

Theory of Evolution

summary: The beginning of the theory of evolution, the Darwin/Wallace theory of evolution, discussion around Darwin's theory, the principles of genetics, synthetic theory, molecular biology and genetics, some scientific questions debated around the theory of evolution, selectionism vs. neutralism, punctuationism vs. gradualism, the notion of species...
Author: Santiago Collado González

The Design of Evolution

summary: Article on the diverse meaning of the term random, the intervention of cardinal Schönborn in The New York Times, catholic faith and evolution, in the context of the intelligent design movement.
Author: Stephen M. Barr

The Designs of Science

summary: Article of Cardinal Schönborn in response to comentary of Barr about the article of New York Times, about The Design of Evolution.
Author: Christoph Cardinal Schönborn

The limits of science

summary: Explanation of the compatibility of the idea of the Intelligent Design movement with Christian faith and Darwinism.
Author: Michael Cook

The Miracle of Evolution

summaryThe article explains the usual confusion between evolution and Darwinism, the position of the creationism, and the errors of the Intelligent Design solution to conciliate these arguments.
Author: Stephen M. Barr

STOQ III Project Workshop

summary: Review of the STOQ III Project Workshop and summary of the presentations by Santiago Collado and Enrique Moros.