project "Science and Religion in Spanish Schools".

The project "Science and Religion in Spanish Schools" aims to analyse the narratives used in science classes in Spanish schools and their compatibility with a theistic and religious worldview. While the relationship between science and religion is increasingly present in Spanish-speaking academia, the issue does not yet seem to have been sufficiently addressed in the last years of ESO, when many students form their intellectual approaches to science and religion. high school diplomawhen many students form their basic intellectual approaches on the basis of the big questions about the universe, life and the human being.

The specific objectives of project are:

1. map the main narratives used by teachers and students in science subjects and their relationship to God and religion;
2. create a permanent cluster group of teachers to periodically address the fundamental pedagogical issues that arise in presenting a worldview where science and faith are complementary;
3. prepare specific Materials for science and religion courses in Spanish that can be included in the curricula of high school diploma.

The project is funded by the John Templeton Foundation and runs for 33 months (3 academic years) in different schools in Spain, starting on 1 September 2017 and ending on 31 May 2020. Each academic year is dedicated, respectively, to studying (a) the origin of the universe and creation, (b) evolution and divine action in the world and (c) the origin and specificity of man. This project also includes the competition "Education, Science and Religion", which rewards the students who have produced the best essay on the topic of study of each academic year.

> Website of the Foundation: https://www.templeton.org/grant/science-and-religion-in-spanish-schools