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Lesson Mariano Artigas


Lesson Mariano Artigas

The Mariano Artigas Memorial Lecture (MAML) is an initiative of the group Science, Reason and Faith (CRYF) of the University of Navarra. It consists of a conference on one of the great questions in which science, philosophy and theology are challenged. It is held on the third Tuesday of October, every two years, starting on 18 October 2011. It takes place at the classroom Magna of the University of Navarra.


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For the 1st edition, the speaker will be Professor William R. Shea, who holds the Galileo Chair in the History of Science at the University of Padua. The title will be: "The Galileo affair. What Theology may learn from scientists". Through these commemorative lectures, we wish to pay tribute to the figure of Professor Mariano Artigas (1938-2006).



Professor Artigas has been an eminent scientist in the area of philosophy of science and a pioneer in the dialogue between science, philosophy and theology in the academic field. His publications deal with issues such as the nature and causes of evolution, the relationship between science and truth, the relationship between science and religion and the history of science. Some of his works have been translated into several languages and have aroused great interest in the academic world, both Hispanic and Anglo-Saxon.

Professor Artigas has passed on an intellectual legacy that we wish to honour and make known through the MAML. This initiative will allow a better knowledge of the work of Mariano Artigas by the guest speakers and the attendees. On the other hand, it aims to raise awareness of the importance of an interdisciplinary approach on the major issues dealt with by Artigas.

The MAMLs also aim to recognise the work done by the guest speaker. CRYF members and collaborators choose the guest speaker one and a half years in advance. The guest speaker is selected from among scientists from all over the world whose field of research is related to the main scientific interests of the CRYF:

  • Origin of man, life and the universe

  • Nature and Person

  • Mind-brain relations

  • Nature and causes of evolution

  • Order, complexity and purpose

  • Relations between science and truth

  • Relations between science and religion

  • Science and ethics

  • History of science