Seminars 2020-2021 academic year

Methodology and management of applied research in industry: the work of the PhD Engineer

9 June 2021. Jesús Monge

Equitable Machine Learning: a approach based on Optimal Transport

26 May 2021. Paula Gordaliza. BCAM

Monitoring structural stability of time series using singular spectral analysis

12 May 2021. Jack Noon

Florence Nightingale: A role model in the 21st century

28 April 2021. Guadalupe Gómez Melis. UPC

Computing confidence intervals from massive data via penalised quantile smoothing splines

24 March 2021. Enrique del Castillo. University of Pennsylvania - DATAI Scientific Committee

The survey Digital News Report: methodology, enquiry and applications

10 March 2021. Samuel Negredo Bruna. Fac. Communication

Data Science Applications in Cardiology.

1 March 2021. Alberto García Galindo. University of Salamanca - DATAI

AI Adoption and Firm Performance: Management versus IT

24 February 2021. Sampsa Samila IESE - DATAI

A novel feature selection algorithm for linear regression with high-dimensional data

10 February 2021. Francisco J. Planes. TECNUN - DATAI

US sea level. Time trends and persistence.

27 January 2021. Luis Alberiko Gil Alaña. Faculty of Economics - DATAI

Regression with sparse data and its application to natural language

13 January 2021. Pablo Urruchi Mohino. DATAI

Machine Learning with biomedical applications: A Single-Cell Gene Regulatory Network Inference method with Similarity Constraints

2 December 2020. Mikel Hernáez Arrazola CIMA - DATAI

Illustration of results with R Shiny at design Optimal Experiments

11 November 2020. Carlos de la Calle Arroyo. Castilla la Mancha University - DATAI