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Opus Dei during the pontificate of Pius XII (1939-1958)

On Friday 17 June 2022, in the Alumni building (Madrid), a workshop was held, which could be followed in person and online. It analysed the period in the history of Opus Dei that coincided with the pontificate of Pius XII (1939-1958), in its Spanish and international dimension.



9.25 a.m. presentation of seminar room. Santiago Martínez, director of the Centre of programs of study Josemaría Escrivá (CEJE).

9.30 a.m. "The apostolate of the laity under Pius XII". Carlo Pioppi, director of the Istituto Storico San Josemaría Escrivá de Balaguer (ISJE).

9.50 a.m. "Opus Dei in the period 1939-1958". José Luis González Gullón (CEJE).

10.10 a.m. "International expansion". Fernando Crovetto (ISJE).

10.30 a.m. "The spread of Opus Dei from Spain to Europe: training and the first steps of the expansion groups (1946-1950)". Onésimo Díaz (CEJE).

10.50 h. "The expansion of Opus Dei in Italy". Alfredo Méndiz (ISJE).

11.10 h. discussion

11.45 h. Coffee break

12.15 p.m. "American Catholicism in the 1950s: context of the arrival and spread of Opus Dei in the United States". Federico Requena (ISJE) and Inmaculada Alva (CEJE).

12.45 h. "The beginnings in Argentina and Uruguay (1950-1962)". Dario Casapiccola (National University of La Pampa) and Francesc Castells (fileGeneral of the Prelature).

13.15 h. "Chile". Mª Luisa Harrison and María Paz Valdés (Universidad de los Andes).

14.00 h. Lunch

16.30 h. discussion

17.15 h. "Spanish diocesan priests in Yauyos (Peru), 1957-1965". Santiago Martínez (CEJE).

17.35 h. "The expansive dynamism of supernumeraries". Luis Cano (ISJE).

17.55 h. "The expansive dynamism of supernumeraries". María Merino (University of Valladolid).

18.15 h. Coffee break

18.45 h. discussion

19.30 h. Closing of seminar room.


Below, you can watch the videos from congress and follow the presentations that were organised.

You can access the video content of the lectures in this link to the playlist