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Monsignor Javier Echevarría

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Madrid and Rome (1932-1975)

Javier Echevarría was born in Madrid on 14 June 1932. The youngest of eight children, he studied at the Marist Brothers' high schoolChamberí. He began his studies in Madrid at degree programin Law, which he completed in Rome at the Lateran University. He joined the Roman high schoolof the Holy Cross in 1950 and worked closely with St. Josemaría from the time he was appointed its secretary in 1953. He held this position at positionuntil the death of the founder of Opus Dei in June 1975. On 7 August 1955 he was ordained to the priesthood. He accompanied Saint Josemaría on his journeys to different countries in Europe and America to promote the apostolic work of Opus Dei. 

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University Secretaryand Vicar General of Opus Dei (1975-1994)

In 1975 he was appointed University Secretaryof Opus Dei. He worked alongside Bishop Alvaro del Portillo, the first successor of St. Josemaría, until his death in 1994. Alvaro del Portillo, the first successor of St. Josemaría, until his death in 1994. With the approval of Opus Dei as a Prelature staff, Msgr. Echevarría occupied the post of Vicar General position. The elective congresselected him Prelate of Opus Dei, an appointment confirmed by John Paul II on 20 April 1994. 

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Prelate of Opus Dei (1994-2016)

He promoted the expansion of Opus Dei throughout the five continents. Specifically, he began apostolic work on a stable basis in fifteen countries: Lithuania (1994), Slovakia, Lebanon, Panama and Uganda (1996), Kazakhstan (1997), South Africa (1998), Slovenia and Croatia (2003), Latvia (2004), Russia (2007), Indonesia (2008), Romania and Korea (2009) and Sri Lanka (2011). He made numerous pastoral trips to these and other countries to encourage the faithful of Opus Dei in their apostolic work.

He wrote several books on spirituality, such as: Itinerarios de vida cristina; Para servir a la Iglesia. Homilies on the priesthood; Gethsemane. In prayer with Jesus Christ; Eucharist and Christian life; Through Christ, with Him and in Him. Writings on Saint Josemaría; and Living the Holy Mass.

Died in Rome on 12 December 2016.


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