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Nested applications


The The European Commission's Financing Office programs of study offers all students who request it, information and financial advice on scholarships and grants for programs of study from postgraduate program, as well as other means of financing. Through this service, the University of Navarra aims to ensure that no person with an aptitude for study is put off studying at Degree or postgraduate program for financial reasons.

Nested applications



scholarship: Discount on the enrollment to take the programme.

Target group: Candidates of any nationality, who meet the requirements of requirements and who have been previously admitted to the MCS.

deadline de application: 1st call until 15 December. 2nd call until 26 March 2021 (subject to availability of funds after the first call). 3rd call until 20 June 2021 (subject to availability of places and funds). 

Status: open.

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scholarshipCall for the award of 1 scholarship covering 75% of the cost of the enrollment plus travel, accommodation and non-pharmaceutical medical insurance (up to a maximum of 7 months).

Target group: students who are nationals of a Latin American country that is a member of the Ibero-American Community of Nations or Portugal. Do not have residency program in Spain.

deadline from application: Until 17 March 2021, at 9:00 a.m. (Spanish time).

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General grants from the Ministry of Education

scholarship: Scholarships and grants to study at programs of study Master's Degree .

Target group: students from all over Spain, except the Basque Country.

deadline from application: example of last year's call.

Status: to be announced.

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Grants from the Government of Navarre

scholarship: grants for the residency program, travel, canteen and enrollment.

Target group: students from families in Navarre. Grants complementary to those of the Ministry of Education.

deadline from application: September-October

More information: Previous call for applications

Basque Government Grants

scholarship: grants for the residency program, travel, books and enrollment

Target group: students who live management assistant in the Basque Country.

More information: Previous year's call for applications



The University of Navarra has established discounts or reductions on the total cost of the enrollment, which must be accredited at the time of formalising the enrollment, by means of the corresponding document presentation .

Large families

It is necessary to have the degree scroll of large family duly renewed or, in the case of international students, a document accrediting this condition (a photocopy of the degree scroll may be presented). Discounts for large family are approximately 8% and 16% for large families in the general or special category, respectively.

These bonuses are not cumulative to the scholarship of enrollment of the Ministry of Education, nor to the scholarships of the Convocatoria Universidad de Navarra - group Santander.

Scholarship holders from the Ministry of Education

The discount applicable to the enrollment will become effective after having received the notification of the granting of scholarship, provided that no bonuses higher than the public prices of the teaching have been obtained.

ALUMNI members discount

discount: 12% discount on the price of enrollment for alumni of the University of Navarra. This discount cannot be combined with any other University of Navarra discount. Nor can it be combined with enrollment scholarships from public bodies (Ministry of Education, Government of Navarra or Basque Government), or with scholarships from the University of Navarra - group Santander, or with scholarships or grants that may be awarded in certain programmes, unless expressly stated otherwise.

Target audience: alumni who at the time of formalising enrollment are members of Alumni UN.

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There are different ways to formalise the payment of the enrollment:

One-time subscription

By indicating the account issue , by cheque or transfer.

installment payment

Spanish students or those with residency program legal status in Spain can take advantage of this payment system which allows the amount of the enrollment to be divided into 10 equal monthly instalments, by using the financing plan agreed with the main Banks and Savings Banks. In this modality of installment payment, for every 1,000 euros deferred, the monthly payment is approximately 102.31 euros.

You can request installment payment for any quantity

You can pay a part of the enrollment (by direct debit, cheque, bank transfer or card of credit ) and apply for at the same time the installment payment of the rest; or you can request the installment payment of the whole amount. In any case it is necessary to pay the administration fees (95 €) when making the enrollment in cash (direct debit, cheque or bank transfer).

Deferred payment

At the time of formalising the enrollment the student must pay at least 25% (this part may include the reservation of place, if it has been paid previously). The remainder shall be paid by position at card of credit in three instalments, due on 10 November 2016, 10 January and 10 March 2017.

Bank loans and credits

The attendance University Service has compiled extensive information on bank loans and credits from various institutions.



scholarship100% of the cost of the enrollment to take the programme.

Target group: This scholarship is aimed at workers active in the area culture.

deadline from application: from 1 June to 13 August 2021.

Status: open.

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Scholarships University of Navarra - group Santander

scholarshipCall for applications for the award of two scholarships covering a percentage of the cost of the enrollment.

Target group score : European and Latin American students who have obtained a minimum score of 7 (on a scale of 0 to 10) or 2 (on a scale of 1 to 4) in the degree program which gives access to Master's Degree.

deadline from application: From 8 April to 15 May 2019.

Status: OPEN.

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Association of Friends of the University of Navarra

scholarship: Convocatoria de ayudas para la training de staff researcher .

Target group: Aimed at students studying a Master's Degree, who will later become doctoral students at the University of Navarra.

deadline from application: To be submitted in duplicate to the offices of the association from Friends.

Status: Open.

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Pronabec Scholarships

scholarshipIncludes 100% of the cost of enrollment and board of the programs of study programme. Air transport at the beginning and end of the programme, in economy class .

Target group: Peruvian students.

Status: There are different calls for applications throughout the year, so it is advisable to consult the website of the call for applications.

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Senescyt Grants

scholarship: Finances programs of study of postgraduate program at master's level in all its components.

Target group: Ecuadorian students.

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Colfuturo Scholarships

scholarshipPostgraduate funding.

Target group: Colombian students.

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Chilean Government Scholarships

scholarship enrollment, travel and other expenses (insurance, material, etc.).

Target group: Chilean students who have obtained a final grade point average equal to or higher than five (5.0) out of a maximum of seven (7.0) or its equivalent, in order to obtain their licentiate degree and/or degree scroll Professional; or Chilean students who are in the top 30% of their promotion of degree program or undergraduate graduation.

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Itau Bank Scholarships

scholarship: Offer of a preferential credit for Chilean students admitted to master's degrees at the University of Navarra. Banco Itaú will offer the Itaú Kit staff, consisting of current account, preferential credit line, card of credit and card debit, without maintenance costs and exempt from commissions, during the period of programs of study.  

Guatefuturo Scholarships

credit - scholarship: Programme that promotes, facilitates, supervises and participates in the training of Guatemalan professionals abroad, through financial support for the completion of programs of study of postgraduate studies.

Target group: Students from Guatemala.

More information 

Hondufuturo Scholarships

credit - scholarship: Programme that promotes, facilitates, supervises and participates in the training of Honduran professionals abroad, through financial support for the completion of programs of study postgraduate studies.

Target group: Students from Honduras.

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credit - scholarship: The Fund for the development of Human Resources (FIDERH) is a federal trust fund, administered by the Bank of Mexico, with the aim of financing programs of study of postgraduate program of Mexican students.

Target group: Mexican students.

The submission of the application must be done according to the surname paternal in the following order:

A - E 28 January

F - J 29 January

K - O 30 January

P - T 31 January

U - Z 1 February

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tool which estimates the personalised cost of the master's degrees offered by the University of Navarra for the academic year 2021/2022. It also provides information on the financial aid offered by the University and other organisations.

Scholarship and grant calculator

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