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Students on the Master's Degree in Curatorial Studies come from higher education courses mainly related to culture, humanistic studies and artistic creation. It is open to other university degrees seeking to begin or further their professional career pathway or researcher in the world of culture. The degrees from which the students come:

- Bachelor's degrees or Degrees in higher education in Fine Arts, Visual Arts, design or Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, Architecture, speech Audiovisual, Humanities, Art History, Philosophy, Pedagogy. 

-Master's degrees, diplomas or degrees in curatorial studies, museology and museum studies, cultural management.


This master's degree is for you if...

you want to work as a curator, curator, art collection manager, art dealer, art critic or programme manager and if you are interested in starting or deepening your professional career pathway or researcher in the world of culture.


Admission process

The application and all documents submitted by candidate will be treated confidentially and will be made available only to the persons on whom the decision depends.

If you have studied in a country outside the European Union, in addition to the admission tests, we will also carry out an assessment of your professional skills. For students with special needs, the University has a Disability Care Unit (UADP)at your disposal.

For apply for the admission, it is necessary to :

  1. Register online at MiUnav

  2. Complete the form application form, attaching the following scanned academic and identity documents: National Identity Card or passport, passport photo, transcript (certificate of grades) and other academic merits, university degree, curriculum vitae, two letters of recommendation (optional), essay (3000 characters in Spanish or English), certificate of English* B2 CEFRL, certificate of Spanish* C1 CEFRL (only for candidates whose mother tongue is not Spanish, language ).
    *The University of Navarra provides intensive courses to achieve the necessary level of English and Spanish prior to the start of the Master's degree.

  3. You will have to pay a €100 processing fee.

Once the applicationfor admission and the necessary documents have been received, a personal interview will be held in person or by videoconference. The interviewer will especially evaluate the motivation, the adequacy of the expectations of applicant to the contents of the master's degree, and other qualitative aspects.


The evaluation of the applications received will be made on the basis of the following qualification criteria:

- transcript academic: 40%.

- Motivation letter: 10%.

- Interview:

- questionnaire on prior knowledge: 5%.

- Career path: 40% Career path: 40% Career path: 40% Career path: 40% Career path: 40% Career path: 40% Career path: 40% Career path

- Skills and maturity assessed in the interview: 5%.

Once the application for admission has been completed (form + documentation + payment of admission fees + personal interview), the Admissions Committee of the Master in Curatorial Studies evaluates and issues a report on the admission of candidate within one month . Once the application has been decided, the final admission decision is sent to candidate and can be consulted at Portal miUNAV.



If the candidate is admitted, he/she must reserve his/her place in the master's degree (pre-registration) by paying a deposit of €1,000, which is deducted from the total cost of the enrollment. This reservation of place is made during the month following receipt of the letter of admission and is non-refundable.




enrollment and price

enquiry here the price for this course here. The Master's Degree covers the costs of 1) international travel: accommodation and travel; and 2) national travel: only travel. It does not cover meals or local travel (metro cards, cabs, etc ...). 

The candidate admitted can formalise their enrollment through Portal MiUnav or in person at Office of the Registrar of the University of Navarra (Central Building, Campus in Pamplona).

The application process is open throughout the year (from 1 October until the start of the academic year), although the possibility of being admitted to the master's degree is subject to the existence of vacant places. The enrolment period for students starting the Master in Curatorial Studies for the academic year 2022-2023 will be from July 2022. Students with special educational needs should raise their situation before formalising the enrollment, in order to adapt it to their possibilities of dedication to study.



Aplicaciones anidadas

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