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The Study program provides information on the degree's subjects and their credits, which are grouped into subjects that are in turn integrated into modules.

The Master in Curatorial Studies consists of 60 ECTS credit divided into 3 modules, lasts one year and is face-to-face.



Aplicaciones anidadas


Module I has a duration of 10 weeks, starting in October and ending in December, for a total of 200 hours at class.

This module deals with the theoretical foundations and context of curatorial practice. It consists of three compulsory subjects in which student becomes familiar with the history of exhibitions and curating; the framework of thought in which contemporary culture is inserted and to whose development cultural practices contribute; and the institutional, territorial and social context in which the curator's activity takes place.

The second module lasts 12 weeks, from January to April and involves 28 ECTS credit divided into: 240 hours of face-to-face class and 4 ECTS credit of MuseoLab between the months of October and April. 

The module enables students to design and execute exhibition curatorial projects and to carry out management work in other formats of artistic projects. It is made up of four subjects that deal, respectively, with the conservation and installation of the pieces and the control of the space in which the project takes place; the prior work of research, documentation and file, as well as the recording of the projects through appropriate publications ; the monitoring and professional relationship with the artist, the development of the curatorial project ; and the management of cultural projects that respond to formats such as festivals, events, street art programmes, etc. 

From the beginning of the course, student starts a practical learning programme that will allow the student to rotate through the different Departments of the Museo Universidad de Navarra (dedication of a maximum of 5 hours per week). This learning is part of the MuseoLab 1 and 2 courses, which aim to offer, in a practical way, an organisational vision and internal processes in each of the areas of an Art Centre, as well as to encourage the participation of student in the daily life of the Museum (programming, exhibition assembly, budget control, monitoring of publications, etc.).

During this module, the curatorial journey will take place, in which the subjects The Curator and the Artist and The Curatorial project will be dealt with in particular.

The third module begins in May and consists of a curatorial internship (4 ECTS credit) and the Master's Thesis (8 ECTS credit). The Master's thesis will be defended according to the ordinary call, before 30 September of the year following the start of the course.

This module completes the theoretical and technical training that qualifies student for the development of large-scale exhibition and cultural projects that are solid from the point of view of content, and with a viable and defined execution plan in all its aspects.

Starting in May, students of the Master in Curatorial Studies will undertake a compulsory internship in institutions (museums or cultural centres) or producers of exhibitions and artistic programmes.

The Master's Thesis (TFM) will consist of the design, development and defence of a viable curatorial project and, except in exceptional cases, will be carried out at group.





module I
Fundamentals of Curatorship (20 ECTS credit)

History and genres of curating (6 ECTS credit)

History of exhibitions

History of commissariat

Typologies of curatorial practice

Audiences and contexts (8 ECTS credit)

framework legal and institutional

The role of art in the political community

Hearings and participation

Curatorial thinking (6 ECTS credit)

Philosophical approach to the artistic fact

Philosophical Keys to Contemporary Culture

module II
Exhibition and project curatorship (28 ECTS credit)

subject and space (6 ECTS credit)

Preventive conservation in curatorial projects

Art and space

Research and documentation (4 ECTS credit)

Research methodologies

Publications, documentation and archives

Project management (8 ECTS credit)

Curatorial and artistic project planning and management

Communication plan

Financing plan

Curatorial praxis (6 ECTS credit)

The curator and the artist

The curatorial project

MuseumLab (4 ECTS credit)

Rotation programme and acquisition of practical skills at the Museum's various Departments


module III
Practicum and work End of Master's Degree (TFM) (12 ECTS credit)


Curatorial Internship (4 ECTS credit)
Professional curatorial internships in national and international art centers.


work End of Master's Degree (8 ECTS credit)
design from an expository project


Aplicaciones anidadas