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For ≥9 months (from March to November/March), you will carry out professional internships in management areas of the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and health technology industries, where you will put into practice and perfect the knowledge you have acquired. These internships are in accordance with the labour agreement of each of the companies offering places.

The student has the possibility to choose between the offers received by the Master's programme or to carry out an individual and personal search for such internships. In both cases there will be follow-up by the Careers Office.


- Remuneration: minimum 750€ (850-900€).

- Duration: 1,100 hours.

- subject from business: Pharma, biotech and medtech industry; consultancy service of the healthcare sector.

- Location: national/international.



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Collaborating companies :
More than 40 companies have collaborated with the Programme through internships and/or conferences.


SI Pardot - Master's Degree in Pharma-Biotech Business Management [2y6z74] [2y6z74].