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The master's degree has been designed in conjunction with IESE Business School, one of the best business schools in the world. Following their indications, and in order to get the most out of the programme, the case method will be used in many subjects: a teaching system consisting of the resolution of real problems through an exhaustive analysis of the facts and the proposal of solutions and alternatives.

The Master's Degree University Degree in management of Pharma-Biotech Companies consists of eight subjects and a total of 90 ECTS credit (39 distributed in 19 subjects + 45 internships in business + 6 of the work End of Degree Master's Degree). Theoretical classes take place between September and February. Internships at business begin in March.

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This subject aims to give student a 360º view of the sector, with special emphasis on the wide range of companies that make up the sector and the regulatory aspect that makes it unique from others.


- Pharmaceuticals and related industries (3 ECTS credit)
- Regulatory affairs (2 ECTS credit)
- Economic Environment (2 ECTS credit)
- Market Access (1 ECTS credit)


Its goal is to provide student with the knowledge and tools necessary to interpret data and analyse situations in order to make appropriate decisions.


- Accounting and management control (3 ECTS credit)
- Operational and project finance (3 ECTS credit)
- Structural finance (2 ECTS credit)

Through five subjects, the general knowledge of marketing, sales, development of product, communication, etc. will be transmitted to allow the student the development of business and marketing plans. In addition, specific aspects of pharmaceutical marketing in its different facets (innovators, generics, cosmetics, etc.) will be presented.


- Introduction to business economics (2 ECTS credit)
- Business management (2 ECTS credit)
- Strategic management (2 ECTS credit)
- Digital strategy (2 ECTS credit)
- Pharmaceutical marketing (3 ECTS credit)

The aim is for student to acquire knowledge related to distribution, in such a way that it is capable of developing a strategic vision to evaluate and adopt measures that may lead to a competitive advantage.


- Operations management and strategy (2 ECTS credit)

The aim of this subject is to develop the following skills in student core topic for the management of people and teams, as well as for decision-making: negotiation, management action, people management, etc.


- Negotiation (2 ECTS credit)
- Business ethics (1 ECTS credit)
- Personnel Management Service in organisations (3 ECTS credit)
- data strategy (1 ECTS credit)

Its goal is to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of student, as well as to provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to be a good startup manager: a profile increasingly in demand in the sector.


- Innovation (1 ECTS credit)
- Startup Management (2 ECTS credit)

Internships in companies in the sector, preferably in management areas. The student will have a tutor at business who will ensure the correct performance of the internship. 


- Internships (45 ECTS credit)


Preparation, presentation and defence of an original project before a court of law.


- Master's Thesis (6 ECTS credit)