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Chair Saltoki Foundation

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The Chair Saltoki Foundation was born from the partnership between the School of Architecture of the University of Navarra and the group Saltoki-Dicona since 2011. The goal of the Chair is the training and research in the Building in its broadest aspect, from rehabilitation to energy efficiency, from digital models to the implementation of circular Economics measures.


  • 1975

    It was in 1975 when, with the project of the School of Architecture began the dream of a place that will always be home to all those who have passed through its workshops and classrooms.

  • 1975

    Eugenio Aguinaga, Rafael Echaide and Carlos Sobrini pursued an idea which the professors of the School, Jorge Tárrago and Antonio Cidoncha, reflect in the book XL: "Its factory appearance is coherent with its functioning as a machine for teaching architecture inspired by the principles of the Bauhaus. book XL: "Its manufacturing aspect is coherent with its functioning as a machine for teaching architecture inspired by the principles of the Bauhaus, since at the base would be the materials laboratories, the project workshops on them and, halfway between the two, the theoretical classrooms and the Departments researchers. All of this was effectively linked by a landscaped space that embraced an environmental sensitivity that is now widespread. A building designed before the oil crisis that depended on a technology that was still handcrafted and whose limitations have forced us to experience it more as a factory than a School ".

  • 1978

    In 1978, group Saltoki was born. goal Its founder, Joaquín Aldaba, recalls that "since our birth in 1978, we have tried to offer professionals services and solutions that go beyond the mere sale of materials for their projects with the aim of growing with them". Our model shops are an example of our commitment and Philosophy. An innovative self-service concept designed to save time for professionals as we offer them, in the same space, all the necessary supplies for plumbing, air conditioning, heating, electricity, etc. installations. And what's more, with specialised technical advice and the guarantee of buying from a specialist who supplies exclusively to professionals".

  • 2011

    The two organisations have been collaborating over the years in the development of projects. projects. As sample of this relationship, in 2011, three pioneering cabinets were built for the for the training of the students during their work experience in computer installations and IT systems. The goal was to provide students with knowledge of fire detection systems, air-conditioning and electrical systems in homes. housing.

  • 2012

    Subsequently, more lockers were added in different parts of the school.

  • 2021

    The last partnership will become evident in 2021 with the creation of the Chair Saltoki Foundation, which will support projects research, thesis with an industrial component in sustainability, lectures and conferences by . industrial component in sustainability, talks and conferences by knowledge dissemination.



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