Architecture students participate in an innovation project  professor  with machines donated by Saltoki

The machinery has been donated through the Chair Saltoki Foundation and, thanks to it, the students have been able to learn about the implications of installing these hygrothermal conditioning machines in buildings.

Saltoki, through the Chair Saltoki Foundation, donated several hygrothermal conditioning installation machines (heat pump, heater and boiler) to our School of Architecture several hygrothermal conditioning installation machines (heat pump, heater and boiler) so that students could learn about the implications of installing these machines in buildings. 

On November 8, the 3rd year students of Degree in programs of study of Architecture, within the subject of Installations II, disassembled, analyzed and reassembled these machines. The activity was part of an innovation project professor in which doctoral students Sara Dorregaray-Oyaregui and Robiel Manzueta and professors Amaia Zuazua-Ros and César Martín-Gómez participate.

"Architecture students have difficulties in understanding the real functioning and scale of the equipment we end up prescribing. The main circumstances that propitiate this status are the lack of knowledge of the existence of the equipment and the lack of material experiences, since they are not equipment that can be easily found (because they are hidden) and it is not easy to have the possibility to disassemble them. What we are looking for with this innovation project professor is the approach and understanding of the equipment by the students and, at the same time, to achieve an approach between the real installations and the academic environment", explains Sara Dorregaray-Oyaregui.

Fabiola Peñarrubia Flores is one of the students who enjoyed the activity and discovered what a water softener is and how to use it: "What I liked most was the process of disassembling the device and discovering its parts".

Doctoral student Robiel Manzueta: "There were many questions from the students and interest in understanding the equipment and its function. At the same time, they were interested not only in knowing the equipment that corresponded to them, but also others, so Professor César Martín-Gómez explained to them several of the installation cabinets found at the School's laboratory . The students were attracted by the research".

On November 15, the same 3rd year Architecture students, together with professors César Martín-Gómez, Amaia Zuazua-Ros and PhD student Robiel Manzueta, held the critique sessions of their hygrothermal conditioning installation projects in the Saltoki Home exhibition area. The students were able to alternate the sessions of work with the direct knowledge of the machines and technologies exhibited.

221115 visit from students to exhibition Saltoki

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