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International Conference. History of Modern Architecture

International Conference - History of Modern Spanish Architecture

The School of Architecture of the University of Navarra is the venue for the International Conference on the History of Modern Architecture. The meeting has been held every two years since its creation in 1998.

In its last edition, held on April 27, 28 and 29, topic addressed the "Architecture for health and rest (1914-1975)".



April 11 and 12, 2024
School architecture (1919-1975), a permanent necessity

Nested applications

Nested applications


School architecture, no longer university architecture, is one of the architectural fields in which the stylistic and formal evolution of architecture in a country can best be perceived. On the one hand, because it has been, and continues to be, one of the fields of the constructive task in which there has been a continuous need for action and work, which has been carried out even in the social situations of greatest economic crisis. At the same time, it is a field in which functional changes have not usually been profound, decisive or rapid. Thus, we are faced with a type of architecture that allows us to compare and analyze the stylistic and material architectural innovations; as well as the advances and setbacks, orthodoxy, heterodoxy, rigor or eclectic ambiguity of architects, states and territories, given the permanence of the type and the continuity over time of the exercise of this type of architecture.

To establish a category within this field, we would have to distinguish school architecture that we could call childhood, that of primary schools, kindergartens, etc..., from that which is closer to the university environment, as could be the institutes and colleges, usually equipped with complementary facilities (laboratories, libraries, more sports facilities...) not present in the former; although in many cases both can coexist within the same building or group of buildings, forming a unit.

Thus, in order to somehow establish sections within the call of this congress, we will point out these two categories:

  1. Nurseries, schools and child education establishments.

  2. Colleges, institutes and educational centers for youth.


School architecture



School of Architecture

31009 Pamplona, Spain

+34 948 42 56 00 Ext. 802826



  • William J. R. Curtis

  • Joaquín Medina Warmburg

  • Paolo Valerio Mosco

  • Ana Tostoes

  • Wilfried Wang

  • Fernando Agrasar

  • Pablo Arza

  • Juan Calatrava

  • Ana Esteban Maluenda

  • Carolina García-Estévez

  • Josefina González Cubero

  • César Martín

  • José Ángel Medina

  • José Morales

  • Juan M. Otxotorena

  • José Manuel Pozo

  • Antonio Pizza

  • Jorge Tárrago

  • Jorge Torres


The fee for registration will be 220 euros if formalized before February 26, 2024, and 280 euros if formalized after that date. Payment must be made through the website congress.

May 20, 2023 - Deadline for receipt of proposals (max. 400 words). Proposals (Spanish or English) should be sent to filling in the template available on the website.

July 10, 2023 - Communication to the authors of the selected proposals.

October 21, 2023 - deadline from submission (max. 4,000 words). Papers (English or Spanish) should be sent to


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