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More than 200 people are trained in the course of update in Building

The module is part of the update course at Building of the Chair Saltoki Foundation.

29 | 06 | 2022

A total of 235 people are being trained these days in different aspects of Building, such as photovoltaic installations or thermal envelopes, contents that form part of the 1st and 2nd module of the 1st course of update in Building organised by the Chair Saltoki Foundation.

The course began on 19 May with the first module. There, Miguel Garmendia, manager of Saltoki's area Photovoltaics, presented the regulatory framework and types of photovoltaic installations, as well as dealing with photovoltaic self-consumption, photothermal energy and isolated installations from the network. Finally, Enrique López, manager of Saltoki's area for charging points, addressed the specific considerations for electric vehicles.

The second module, also held at Saltoki's conference room DICONA on 23 June, focused on thermal envelopes. Specifically, it dealt with the general concepts of ventilated façades, the inner and outer leaf, insulation, building renovation, execution control, pathologies and, lastly, aspects relating to rules and regulations. On this occasion, the manager of this training was Luis Matos, from group Saltoki.

These modules could be followed in person or online. Likewise, the four modules that make up the course can be followed on a deferred basis, and those interested can register for any of them in order to complete them. The Chair Saltoki Foundation recommends fill in for all four modules to obtain the certificate, issued by the University of Navarra, which certifies completion of the update course at Building.

Indoor air quality and aerothermal energy, next course modules

What are the ventilation systems for indoor air quality and what is aerothermal energy? These questions, among others, will be addressed by Juan Carlos Saiz, director technical group Saltoki and Sergio framework, Director Technical Catalonia area, respectively on 15 September and 7 October.

The registration course is still open and can be accessed at form.